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Dave Hill Photography work is awesome and one of a kind. Dave Hill works magic with a digital camera like no other photographer. It is obvious from looking at his digital images he has a love for photography. If you type his name in Google, there are lots of discussion about his techniques and how to achieve it. He brings his own style to the world of photography and it looks great. His works makes him the photographer of the moment on this blog. I love to look at a diverse group of photographers who bring their own style to the table, otherwise you’ll have tons of copy cats out there trying to emulate the photographer’s style. I have yet to come across an instruction manual how to achieve Dave Hill Photographer’s look, however there are a lot of people who give their $.25 about how the Dave Hill photography look is achieved. This photographer is talented and truly have a style that a lot of photographers drool over and wonder how does he do that?

Here is a glimpse of Dave Hill photography, it is displayed on his website with more of his artistic photographic works. You have the option of viewing the digital images through PicLens known as Cooliris. Viewing images through Cooliris is an awesome way to view digital images. It is magical y’all!

[nggallery id=11]

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