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The entire 30 minute Obama American Stories and Solution. I am voting for Obama; Yes We Can! While your listening to this video of Obama go to the CNN Fact checker for the political scoop and race updates. 30 million people tuned into television to watch the 30 minute infomercial commercial. Obama used $1 million dollars per network upward to $5 million. Networks saw their ratings rise due to people tuning in to watch the 30 minute segment. The world series is not that important when we have a political candidate to get into the White House. Yes We Can and Yes We Should! People with felonies are able to vote. The wait in line will be worth it. Your vote does count! Take part in early voting and cast your vote. Stand up for change people! 20-30 thousand people are going to vote a day and a majority of them are democrats. This is going to be an emotional moment in history for everyone regardless of your race if Obama win. Even if he doesn’t win we can say that the brother gave it his best shot. Let’s hope the Republicans don’t steal the race a third time. Let’s hope that the Tom Bradley effect doesn’t take place in this election. Obama is the man for the job. I believe that he can turn this economy around. It is time to change the face in the White house. His issues, his education, his point of view, his stable marriage and family life, his fundraising abilities, his plan to change the economy is more important than his race. The fact that he can raise money speaks volumes. Obama is an inspiration that the American dream is possible and achievable. It should inspire us all to excel and want more out of life. I say this because there are white and non whites who are not going to vote because Obama is black. There are those who refuse to vote if they are against McCain. There are those who are not voting because it is not Hillary Clinton. These reason alone would be nonsense and ignorant. Don’t you think it is time to change the face of the White House? Barack Obama could use your support!

Let’s go out and VOTE! Need to find your voter location go to VOTEFORCHANGE

This will help you find the right location to vote. There is no reason to not Vote because you don’t know where to go; you got turned away from the wrong location, the voting location is too far and I didn;t get my ballet form. People there is no excuse whatsoever!

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