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I spent the early part of my day thinking about an introduction for my Model Mayhem account and this blog which I find to be tons of bullshit from the word go…but I guess people want to read it and writers of them want to blow their own horn. I have a hard time with introductions because life changes and past information don’t mean squat when you really think about it. Think about all those people who lost their jobs downsizing because of this recession, what about a stripper who no longer strips and turned her life over to “God”, what about Angelina Jolie who supposedly did drugs before she became the big time star she is today or Oprah who smoke the crack pipe back in the day and our president who did inhale that weed he use to smoke back in the day…unlike former President Clinton who said he did not inhale but we all know that was a lie. Questions that you need to ask yourselves, did it make a difference in those individuals lives? I truly believe at this stage in my life that it is time to just keep it real, simple, candid and just be the person you are no matter what. People either like your ass or they don’t. I learned from being in sales that people only buy stuff from people they like, at least that is what the companies I’ve have worked for taught me during National Sales Meetings…is that the truth? I had one sales manager who thought people needed to praise him..m response was “I don’t praise men” because they will lie to you every time if given the chance. The quietness after that comment you could have cut a knife with it. Hell, I don’t know what the rules are anymore in this thing we call life but one thing is for certain…people may not like what I have to say about TFCD, TF, freebies and my point of view on this WordPress blog. Hell, I might even lose some twitter folks, readership of this blog, family members and friends may say damn dee…whatup with that? What’s up is that I am tired of giving away shit for free, being poor, broke, tire of knowing that I know just as much as the next guy who does the same shit as I do but he will get all the kudos…WTF!

I wrote my first introduction on Model Mayhem today, like I said I have a hard time writing introductions…shit I may feel different in the next hour….there are some folks who may read it. Accolades, trophies, certificates and bragging about what I use to do is not what you will find there…I am a freelance photographer and blogger right now until life changes those dynamics that is my story and I am sticking to it.

When you get to my age and you realized. A resume….what the hell is that these day when half the country is homeless, broke, unsure, jobless and wondering what next….me too! The world is in an recession and folks are wondering what the hell they are going to do to survive it although half of us are wearing smiles. That President Obama thrill has worn off and we are left wondering can our president survive this shit tand us too! Man got caught holding the horse manure without any boots given to him before taking over the reign of previous presidents reign. Keep it real with yourself first from the word go and when you put your feet on the floor in the morning. Go and do you for once!

Internet Presence


I am never sure what to write in these bio’s because if your too damn candid that may scare some grown folks away before they really get to know what an sweet and adorable person you are but after surfing MM and reading some folks intro. I figure my trash talking ish ain’t nothing compare to some folks introduction. I notice that I may get an increase friend following after I resumed my presence here and my interest in shooting at “Meet and Greets”…hell I just discover the term on April 25, 2009 at a joint called the “Sly Horse” in Rockville, Maryland. I was in photographers heaven…man you can click click happily away. Anyway, I was too busy handling typically life stuff and dodging obstacles in my own private world for a minute but I am back to surfing and salivating over models and photographers portfolios on MM bitches:

To my future friends request to become my friend here is my introduction to you because it may come a time or two that you may not get a response from me unless I feel like talking that day which might not be a lot since the Internet has taken over our lives. I may be busy shooting a paid assignment, writing a book or blogging on my website. I have given this a lot of thought….now that my interest is in shooting at Meet and Greets I figure I may get a request for some of my beautiful digital images in my mind….and I have recieved a picture request. A small donation to cover the expense of burning it to a DVD and mailing it to you would be appreciated…I figure a small payment of $25 paid through paypal is reasonable. That should get me interest enough to send the digital images on DVD to you; otherwise please don’t email me asking for images unless we have some type of private mutual agreement. I suggest you take advantage of my meet and greet sessions to build your portfolio. This photographer is on the come up and that $25 is going to like pennies when you find out how much $ome people are willing to pay for the services of thephotographer4you.

That may surprise some of you who are looking for that free ride but people do pay for my services and other photographers, MUA’s and models on this website and in the world. Don’t take that too personally Craigslist models and photographers who are listing that nonsense about TFCD’s and writing that lame line in your ads I can use your images to build my portfolio. Was that a stab…hell yeah it was! Sweet peas enough with the nonsense and attempting to demote the skills and talents of professionals who love their craft. Get real before you ruin and blackball yourself out of the industry before you had a chance to rise up in it! That felt good saying that because the industry is suffering. Now if I offer my services for free than offer up a donation for an DVD. All of the professionals in this industry need to stand up and band together to take it back from the leeches looking for a photographer to provide entire portfolios of digital images, MUA to beat your face to perfection and the shady photographers without any form of a payment. Jeez, since when is it fashionable to constantly solicit the services of professionals for freebies? I wish I could call my mortgage company and ask for a payment holiday for 3 months…they would laugh and hang up the phone after they call me a nutjob. Giving away stuff free and low interest rates on everything is what got us in this recession….I can go on and on, for real! Get real is all I can say…..darlings, yours and my time is precious! At least if your looking for services being render from professionals at least offer a payment of some kind before mouthing those horrendous words, TFCD or some mutual benefit besides sex that we can come to agreement on….was that to bitchy…I think I might be PMSing, or my bank account is low and I can’t go on any shopping sprees because of this recession. Maybe I have been hanging out with too many of the kids…snaps for the those who have enough common sense to offer dollar$ for our services render. Kudos to the professionals out there! Now that I got that ish off my chest…here is my intro to you beside thanks for the add or request line:

Thanks for the friend request. My advice for aspiring MUA’s, models and photographers which I practice myself. It would be to check out MM# 72588 for Meet and Greet updates in your local area….personally I think that it is the best way to get exposure, to learn new techniques from the pros and newbies; meet people who are talking the same jargon; veterans in the industry; to get the 411 that you won’t find in a classified and beautifully done digital images. Of course this is my bias opinion for aspiring and professional photographers, MUA’s and models instead of using Craigslist for leads. Have you noticed the millions of fashion, creative, events classifieds on the Internet that has inundated the industry for TFCD and TF’s? WTF…is that all about? A new trend that someone needs to speak up about…You heard about that whackjob who killed those young ladies….imagine if there is a carbon copy cat out there waiting to repeat..Check out the forums on modeling boards…there is very informative information, excellent resources and feedback from individuals who are fulltime professionals in the industry and their craft. Their work speaks for itself…who would you believe? Keep the good stuff and throw the rest of the BS to the curve. Check out a website called Model Insider…I just found out about it surfing Model Mayhem. I think I am in love with it already. Pssst…There is list but don’t tell nobody I gave that secret away… There are different rules over in that model and photographer playground than here…both serve its own purpose, I guess. What else can I tell you….you might meet and greet me at the next event held in Frederick, MD or you may see me being real serious at my paid events? Needless to say that is the only way a model can get me to shoot them and you can count on it unless of course your drooling with an creative ideal and concept. Take a good look at my favorite folder and that should help you figure out what might get me to pay attention to you. Serious models with images that reflect that level of work in my favorite list or my photographer spotlight post on my blog may get an opportunity to come to my home studio garage for a reasonable fee that would at least pay for a 5 star meal at Ruth Chris or Sam & Harry’s restaurant in the Metro DC area. Enough with my ranting and raving; I do enough of that on my thephotographer4you blog. I wish I had a welcome wagon like this when I first joined MM instead of the ole’ tired welcome aboard….please don’t take that comment personally…I am anal like that sometimes. Another thing don’t take ish personally and you’ll succeed in loving this life God has bless you with….that’s my age talking right there. Oh yeah, thanks for the request and your welcome to peep into my world by clicking on any of those Internet presence links on this page! Keep your head up! Peace!

What people really pay for and my bread and butter. Flickr is a practice stomping ground for anyone willing to share their digital images..besides I like posting images on their website. Here is your typical jargon that I receive for paid assignments through email and phone calls: I am looking for a Photographer available for Events, Model Portfolios, Head Shots, Cultural Weddings and Affairs, Engagements, Partner and Couple sitting, Small Animals, Editorial, Photojournalism, Make Up Artist, Weddings, Destination Weddings indoors and outdoors, Court House Vows, Real Estate, Food, Birthday Parties and Receptions; ect. My prices are extremely reasonable and prices are quotes per event and ceremony. Feel free to contact me via email or comment through my website blog to get my attention.

All my photographic images are copyright. All rights are reserved. Do not use, copy or edit any of my photographs without my written permission. If you want to use my photo for commercial or private use, please contact me by email

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