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I am chuckling this morning…most of my relatives and colleagues have never heard me utter a curse word or speak any profanity during an conversation. I can only imagine their surprise as they watch my YouTube videos. I was speaking to my mom and dad last night. During the call I realized a parent will always have unconditional love for you, nor judge you or question your decisions within reason as long it cause no one any harm. It is those folks along the way that you meet that may be up to know good or have ill will toward you that you must be careful about. What I learn from the conversation..parents sometimes think it is something they did, said or done to you that make you stop speaking with them? None of those reasons are a reason to stop talking and connecting with your love ones. I realized that my mother had only heard me utter one curse word as she parent me into an adulthood. That was during a conversation with my husband when he went to the left in front of my parents. My parents were there to help him with a task when we first had gotten married and he was under the presumption, that he was entitled to be disrespectful to me in the presence of my parents. Big mistake for him because he really did not know me because we never had that type of experience while dating. To assume you know someone based on generic conversation and you can say whatever you want to them is ignorant in my humble opinion. I was embarrassed that I had to confront this man while my parents stood there shocked but he never did that again. My grandmother being from the old school kept saying, Dee no don’t say that..basically telling me to submit to some bullshit. I was not raised that way to disrespect anyone but that does not mean any individual can simply say whatever to me. I don’t believe in using profanity in front of my elders, parents, relatives, business partners, colleagues and individuals who wish to speak clear English with me. Speaking broken English and uttering profanity between every other broken English word is not acceptable. Our family were taught that if you spoke broken English or used curse words that was because you did not know the English language. Living in the world on my own I had come to realization that no two families nor no two individuals are the same. By the way my parents have been married for over 50 years and my granny is 93 years old….if and when I do need mentor-ship or a marriage counselor. I am seeking their advice over anyone else..they are going to keep it totally 100% that is not from a secular point of view. I just thought I put that tidbit of information out there for folks who don’t know that a lot of what I learned about marriage was through my godsend parents.

I am sharing a few thoughts as I wind down 2010 and prepare to stay connected with folks with social media in New Year 2011. Over the next couple weeks I will be sporadically writing blog post to give you a glimpse of what I want to accomplish and achieve going forward into New Year 2011. I just learn how to curse at stuff. I am periodically winding down the 2010 year by vblogging by posting videos on YouTube. This is going to be my way of getting up close and personal with my readers. By vblogging it will allow me to get a few things off my chest in a really raw way and clear up any misconceptions. I want to go into the New Year 2011 speaking English with folks and hopefully my YouTube videos will allow folks a glimpse into my inner thoughts, personal view of myself and get to know what I really think. I prefer to write content on thephotographer4you® blog and pursue other interest. I typically don’t like cursing nor having to break down the basic ish except to children and to folks who willing to learn and listen. I rather be training people, blogging, pursuing personal goals, embracing my family, building positive business relationships, enriching and helping others to empower themselves. Let’s go into the New Year 2011 with a new attitude.

As one of my favorite eldest cousins would say to me and my brothers during my childhood.: “Fall in Line.” When the elders and any one in your community notice you falling out of line. All that individual had to do was give you that glance, wrinkled forehead, and tell you what was unacceptable to them. You may not have ask them your opinion either…they just told you what they were observing about your behavior. You either you listened to the advice, utter under your breath screw them or you took a look in the mirror to implement change. Matter of fact some of those folks would call your relative, sister, brother, mother, aunt and uncle to have a long discussion about your behavior. No violence, fighting and getting out pocket was not the common practice in my personal and business life. Yeah, I had a few normal growing pains during my lifetime as I ventured into adulthood. One thing is for certain with the folks I am close to is one moment your arguing, the next moment your laughing about it and enjoying each other development. There were no one holding grudges and hanging onto negative energy….life is too short for that. We have a new generation of folks that are totally on some different ish. Folks have gotten away from being kind, helpful with one another, and simply judging you. Not anyone of us are cut from the same cloth, nor do we have the same backgrounds but some folks take that for granted simply because you had a generic conversation in the cyberworld. They assume they really know you and they don’t know ish about you as an individual, your experiences, why you think the way you do or how you conceive your thoughts. Nor are they trying to get to know you either…this is what narcissistic folks do, those type of individuals could care less about you because it is all about them. This is an hindrance to developing relationships with folks from all walks of life and living your best life.

What I have learned along the way on this journey we call life is folks have lost the ability to communicate effectively. At no time during any of my business and personal relationships did I experience downright disrespect nor did were folks setting me up for failure. My family and I are very close and we have an open door policy among ourselves. Fastforward to social media and technology entering the equation. Folks done lost their doggone mind in cyberspace. I notice folks losing a sense of self and does not a true understanding of the real purpose and intent of social media. I find that during 2010 I have had a few cyber conversations on my cyberstreet that were clearly a waste of time and served no real purpose. This type of behavior prevents me from connecting with folks who really have something to say to me. Imagine a company looking at your social media profile with the intent to connect with you and your going back and forth with a negative conversation. Would you hire that person? Would you want to say anything to them for the fear of repercussions? Get where I am going with this….I don’t have time to consume my day with conversation about my forehead, someone getting offended, creating a competition when there is none, preventing the cyberfriendship from developing into a positive relationship off of the internet, continuing to allow myself to block my blessing and opportunities to socially connect with innovative thinkers. Honestly I don’t want to meet anyone in person who I have a negative experience with in cyberspace…the introduction did not go well therefore we can’t proceed to build a healthy relationship.

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The Internet has open up another way to get socially connected to businesses, educational institutions, organizations, family and friends. Some of us are not using the free tools correctly. When I respond to you out of pocket…trust me you have already done that yourself and need someone to give you the response your looking for..however, going forward into New Year 2011. I am taking back Dee and removing myself from attracting negative conversation that serves neither one of us. I no longer wish to nurture social negative relationships that are clearly a waste of our time. Bantering, bickering and cyberarguing on my cyberstreet about a whole lot of nothing. Oh really! I wish to connect with folks in a positive manner which leaves me feeling enrich, educated, empowered and showing some cyberlove in an harmonious manner. Luring someone into a negative conversation does nothing for neither one of our cyberspace demeanor. Assuming you know someone simply from a comment is downright disrespectful and immature. Bullying, talking to the left and spoiling the fun during an cyberconversation turns folks off and ruin the conversation. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other social media provider has allow folks to socially connect and get to know other like minded folks. I love the new Facebook updates…I am amazed at what I am learning about my cyberspace friends who has been residing on my cyberstreet as my cyberneighbor. As I read my cyberspace friends profiles…I am like wow I did not know that, they are into that and what an interesting person to be socially connected to…then you have those folks that leave me with a question mark?

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My goal as I wind down 2010 and embark on a new journey as I enter into New Year 2011 is that I am not trying to lose friends. My goal is to maintain the social connections already established, get to know my cyberfriends, build real partnerships, bridge gaps, love my family and friends, get involved within my local community to build business and personal relationships, snap more digital images and avoid those who just want to waste my time shuck and jiving. thephotographer4you® wishes to continue to provide readers with content that make them smile, think, ponder and simply want to continue coming back for more.

Message Specifically For Family Members and Close Friends.: My godsend mom use to tell me during my childhood you will never know anyone in a lifetime. The real friends that you have you will be able to count on one hand. What I found out as I grew into adulthood is mother was right. To those who think I am out there on some different ish….you would be right. If you delete me from your cyberstreet…it was nice connecting with you. Nothing last more then a season and I hope you took something with you when you leave my cyberstreet. To my relatives. I am going to treat you like our relatives back in the day treated me when I was growing up. I am going to call your mother and father. Now the smart relatives keep their comment wall private or their parents require them to private their wall. If your conducting yourself in such a manner that you need to block your content, you need to ask yourself what the heck are you hiding that prevents folks from getting to socially know you. Your only preventing others from socially connecting with you and keeping yourself out of the loop. It does not effect me one way or the other…I can simply pick up the phone and during one of my family chat sessions. I will learn about what is going on with you through the family network. To those who think it is cool to post illegal activities, posting pot smoking pictures, talking like you don’t have any sense while your croonies egg you on and displaying naked images of your body is not something your parents would approve of…your social media profile is a true reflection of who you are in personal and where you’re going in life. How you wish to show your persona is something you will have to live with….make good decisions and always present your best face forward. If I come over to your cyberstreet to simply say hello and I am welcome with a spread eagle image of your naked body on your cyberstreet. What do you expect me to say? Do you think an potential employer would want to hire you? Is this an image you want college admissions to view when they make an determination based on your application? I am going to ask you did you get a contract with Playboy? If your smoking a blunt and posting that picture from my relative house where I know you reside. I am going to tell you how I really feel about it? If it is not legal in the state in which your doing it, whassup with that? I am going to have a personal conversation with you offline? We will texting to the point that you will leave my cyberstreet on your own? No love lost but know this…your smart, you were raised with commonsense and just because your on the Internet. Don’t believe the hype…you need to learn how to utilized the free social media tools to your advantage to promote yourself, educate, enrich, empower or help your to connect with your family and like minded individuals. On another note: Don’t involve any of the other relatives in our conversation because you don’t like me checking you and calling you out in cyberspace. Your not that grown and your not going to intimidate me. Your not above reproach and how dare you send a negative message about your upbringing and yourself. I will always love you as my relative but if your choose to hold a grudge due to your immaturity…there is nothing I can do about that!

To all my cyberspace friends and family. Keep your heads up going into New Year 2011. The New Year is special to me because I was born on New Year’s Eve…I get a double dose of hope, inspiration, a moment to reflect on the year passing and a New Year ahead of me all at the same time. I wish you all well in your future endeavors and wish you much prosperity as you move forward into 2011. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Philippians 3:13-14
No, dear brothers and sisters, I am still not all I should be, but I am focusing all my energies on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven.

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