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Ignorance is no longer an excuse to not Vote. Technology has made it possible for everyone to be in the know. Don’t have access to a computer than go to your local library.

Need to know if your registered in the state of Maryland

Find your voting location and more. Enter the home address where you are registered to vote: Google Maps

Check your local Board of Elections for your location directions in your state.

The Women’s League got your back.

Voter Information Project Developed with state and local election officials from Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, and Los Angeles County.

Defend your rights. Report abuses. The 1 866 OUR VOTE hot-line will be available throughout Election Day to advise you and, if necessary, provide attorneys to defend you. It also will help detect problem trends around the state. The following are some important principles and practices to remember.

Verify your vote long distance voters

Obama and Biden website Vote For Change

CNN keeps you up to date with live coverage and video.

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