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When I wrote my blog post last week I failed to mention Mami in my lineup of celebrity blogs.  Mami Magazine is not just a celebrity blog; it is in a class all by itself. It represents luxury items, high fashion, newsworthy information, artist, news and music. There have been no bashing of celebrities and typically the information is on point better known as being factual! It is fresh content and the delivery of this magazine is very cool! The digital photographs and the art is fabulous to look at and there is no hogging of my RAM or computer memory when I open a digital file. Furthermore it delivers the news right into my Microsoft Outlook mailbox through feedblitz whenever there are updates. Check out this story about Moët & Chandon Midnight Gold Case that Mamimagazine featured in their online magazine. What a lovely luxury to be able to afford, some of us just have disposable income at our finger tips despite this unstable economy. Must be nice, huh…..!

Snipped this picture with my snipping tool to show you an example of the beautiful digital images that Mamimagizine displays with their articles.


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