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Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Most people think they want money and fame but don’t have a clue about managing wealth. Most of us would go on a shopping spree for material items that would depreciate as soon as we leave the showroom or store. Oh well there is a way to acquire wealth on the Internet according to this Internet millionaire it is easy, easy….the easy way! No you don’t have to rap, strip nude, act and sell your soul to god knows who is willing to take it for a price. Ha…Well, there is a cat by the name of Stephen Pierce who claims he acquired his wealth on the Internet when he was downtrodden and damn near starving to death. Let him tell it…he was homeless, no money and literally obtained his wealth by starting an Internet business. I heard about this cat by the name of Stephen Pierce while listening to a segment on the Jamie Foxx show a couple of weeks ago by one of the pigeons….they had a cat by the name of Stephen Pierce on the show discussing how he acquired wealth or his several millions on the Internet. Of course the pigeons were asking how he did obtain wealth and

he never did give a straight answer. Believe me I was waiting, my ears perked up like my dog does when I go in the kitchen for food and I was waiting for the answer like it was the million dollar number for the lottery. He never gave the answer that I was looking for….ladies sort of like when your on the edge but don’t quite reach the peak type of answer was given by Mr. Pierce. A lot of gibberish if you ask me but I continue to listen to the pigeons probed for the hidden answer for one to get that million dollar payday. Believe me the pigeons were digging deep too! He did mention that you can get a 133 page booklet for free by visiting his website. That comment perked up my ears with a quickness and I immediately pulled out my credit card to cover the shipping cost and fees which were about $5 but….once you order the booklet your asked to spend $39.99 monthly for the wealth building program which I was not interest in purchasing. I was turned off by the $39.99 monthly automatic charge if I did not cancel…a program in my humble opinion which had no value nor proof that I would aquire million if I was a willing participate. I felt that I needed to read the 133 page wealth building booklet first before I made a monthly commitment of $39.99 for the allege wealth building informational tool that would make me an millionaire overnight. After receiving my 133 page booklet within 2 weeks I started receiving calls from a gentleman who called himself my consultant assigned by Stephen Pierce. And the emails you get from this dude is over the top about how you can become a millionaire overnight. Mind you I am all about building wealth but this method is over the top and a pain in the ass. One would not expect the high pressure sales tactics, the numerous emails in the junk box if you have Microsoft Outlook and the phone calls from some dude claiming he has been assigned as your wealth building consultant from Stephen Pierce (443.569.8783) I have yet to discuss anything with this man. If anything I have been avoiding the phone calls like the plague, reminds me of  telemarketing calls during dinner. I am not sure about dudes methods but I am not certain that one will build wealth without paying one dues. I am already feeling a bit apprehensive about the phone calls to the point that I want to block the telephone number from my database. Dude is clearly on a mission to sell me some bullshit to get me to buy his package of a million dollar dreams to acquire millions on the Internet. What were the pigeons on the Jamie Foxx show thinking when they had this dude on the show is beyond my comprehension. I know that these are desperate times but one does not have to be a rocket science to realize that this clearly is some bullshit. This reminds me of the psychic who tells you to call them because they can predict your future and bring you love and prosperity. Oh yeah right! Not one to turn down an opportunity I ordered the book offer because I heard about it on the Jamie Foxx show and of course in my mind why would he have a bullshitter on his show? Of course Jamie Foxx was not present to pick it apart but his pigeons might have been fodder for the day without their knowledge. Of course we are all looking for that big pay day without the hard work. You be the judge….needless to say I receive my book and most of the information is redundant and vague. I read the book in less than an hour…nothing complex nor anything I have not read before. The only words that I really have about this is that I don’t want to knock anyone’s hustle if it is legit but if it is a scam….f them with a capital f and perhaps the Jamie Foxx pigeons don’t know that this is a scam artist or not! Oh well…I am just the messenger looking for new blogging material and by golly wow I think I found some with this one. You be the judge…I won’t knock a brother hustle if it is legit but if not, he can eat rocks!

On the Internet Street: Surf the ish for yourselves…the content is in the millions.

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