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I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with the LucisArt beta program right now. I was prepared to beta test drive the new release of the much talked about LucisArt 3 plugin for Adobe Photoshop plugin but there was a catch 22 involved. I would have to pay $500 dollars plus to test drive the much anticipated Adobe CS3 Plugin which does outstanding things to an digital image. Over a course of a couple of months I received newsletter emails that the beta program was not going to move forward because they were not prepared for beta testing. The creator of LucisArt was very afraid of torrent sites giving it away. Of course those where not the words of the creator but that is exactly what the main issue the company is facing. Gone are the days when technology companies can charge folks outlandish prices for software when there are tons of geeks out there in cyberland willing to test their own abilities to get it on the web for others to test drive before they buy. Sort of like a demo but basically the torrent sites are giving away the product for free. Well, to this day the release is still undergoing some changes and experiencing unforseen issues with the new LucisArt 3 Adobe Photoshop plugin. I enjoy using the LucisArt tool but I am not sure it is worth the $500+ plus price tag as an Adobe Photoshop plugin. The verdict is not out for this fantastic tool that I hope will hit the market soon! This photo was edit with Photoshop CS3 and a Lucis Art action plugin within Photoshop CS3. I really love the Lucis Art tool. If you Google the word LucisArt you will discove some amazing art out there in cyberland. LucisArt really is an awesome tool!

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