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Today has been hell of a day due to my WordPress website acting all kinds of funky and WYSIWYG. My page layout was screwed up and a representative at hostgator was just as confused about my WordPress website as I was. It started yesterday evening when I notice that someone was linking to my website and leaving comment spam without registering to my site. My WordPress page layout got messed up and had font all over the place. I was scratching my head and stressing out about it with hostgator. I read so such information about Spambot that I can write a short book about it. I notice several days ago comments on my WordPress website, but being a newbie to WordPress; I thought, WOW, someone is visiting my blog and reading the content. Wrong!!!! The pirates and bandits don’t leave a comment nor do they register on your website. Calling these folks bandits and pirates is much nicer than what I am really thinking about them. It is all about comment spamming and f’ ing up your site. I really don’t understand these IP addresses that kept putting comment spam on my website. Blogging ain’t no joke there is a lot of behind the scenes that a lot of bloggers don’t talk about; at least the blogs I have read aren’t saying anything on their blog. I have set up SK2 , Askimet and Bad Behavior No matter how many times I deleted them they would pop up over and over again. This did some serious damage to my page and the hostgator representative did his best to find out what the problem was that was causing issues to my page. Now mind you last night was the first time I’ve ever read anything about comment spamming, index, no follow and I read Lorelle on WordPress article about linking. After reading her post it made me ponder about who is linking to my account and how do I feel about it?! I know I am going to go back to Lorelle’s on WordPress and read her post about Linking. Being a newbie to independent blogging exclusive of my myspace account which did not show me who was linking to my myspace. I am quickly learning that there is a lot of variables to blogging and understanding the behind the scenes of blogging is boggling to the mind. I needed to vent about this although I still don’t know what I think about linking, comments without folks registering on my website, spambots I am sure their is a whole slew of stuff that would make any blogger rethink about blogging.  Oh enough with the ranting and raving………I guess it all in the life of a blogger!

Report spam non official form Google

Report spam offical form Google

IP that are commenting without registering on my site and those are just an example to show for the purpose of this blog post.

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