Legendary “Etta James” sings “At Last”

Everyone from CNN and on the Internet is talking about the comment made about Beyonce and the President by Legendary Etta James. After a certain age I suppose words just naturally roll off the tongue and not everyone is going to laugh or like it! Ms. Etta James does look good for a doll who partied hard in her heyday. Her golden years seem to be kind to her as well. The “Legend” performs her trademark lyric “At Last” live in front of the audience she had rolling in their seats when she said she wanted to “whup Beyonce’s ass” and “that President with the big ears is not my President”. That is her song and wanted some of the glory on the Inauguration, nobody asked her to perform. “the queen of soul” Aretha Franklin was there wearing the infamous and much talked about “grey felt hat with a large bow laced with rhinestones”. Ms. Etta’s invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Can’t a “Legendary Diva” have a little laughs. Life is too damn short for the nonsense! She may have started something though…..beefs are brewing between the young starlets and the “Divas” in Hollywood these days!


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