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While surfing the Internet this morning looking for Barack Obama news and updates while my family is peacefully sleeping. I stumbled upon some very interesting sites which will add content to your website to monitor LIVE TRAFFIC FEED, LIVE TRAFFIC MAP, LIVE RECOMMENDED READING and LIVE PAGE POPULARITY. If your a visual WordPress 2.6.3 blogger like me you will love these handy tools to use on your blog. FEEDJIT serves over 70 Million widgets every month. Visit our blog for news and see who’s talking about us. Now that is a lot of widgets. I definitely trust their widgets on my WordPress 2.6.3 blog with knowing that they are supplying 70 million widgets a month to bloggers.

I was looking for a clip or an a large image of the massive portrait of Barack Obama that an artist in Barcelona created just in time for the election. Click the link for the rest of the CNN Europe story: The artist plans to create a gigantic face of Obama sculpted from gravel and sand, which will cover nearly 2.5 acres (1 hectare) of Barcelona beachfront before the U.S. elections.

Software Portable portable tools to use on the fly.  This site gets an honorable mention for sure; this is how I learned about FEEDJIT.

Now we all know that torrents and downloading copyrighted material is a very controversial and touchy issue. Geeks experiment at your own risk. I rather not get all preachy right now about this topic it may spoil my moment of peace this morning.

While campaigning online and using my WordPress 2.6.3 blog instead of going to door to door to encourage people to vote. I used this blog to focus and campaign for the next president of the United States. I have Obama fever. I believe Barack Obama is our man for the job! I am more hopeful than I have ever been during an presidential election. Vote Barack Obama for the United States President of America. There is only a few hours left before the polls open. I will hit the polls to cast my vote for Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. Yes We Can and Yes We Should implement change. We have the power to make a huge difference during this election. Make your vote count! Stand in that line and don’t give up the opportunity to be a part of change.

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