Hit Dem Pubs in the Wallet

senate Hit Dem Pubs in the Wallet

As long as dem pubs are collecting a paycheck while the furlough workers scrimp n scrounge.The government will remain shutdown.

These people think this is a joke. I would too if I was collecting a paycheck for buffoonery behavior n not passing a bill for five years. Jokes on the American people and dem tea party supporters. Listen up sheeple. Tune into the bantering noise.

#Muslims stand for peace n no blood shed. Ain’t this some shit. During the holiday. Pay attention sheeple…..don’t be that slow. All ethnicity got assholes in it. #EnoughAlready It is time for #WORLD #PEACE. No more blood shed. No more unequal income, no more poverty, no more disparity in the judicial #legal system n no more #politicians n #WallStreet crooks robbing the working class coffers. #NOMORE politicians get to stand on a pulpit to sell the American people bullshit! #EnoughAlready. Show the people proof. We live in the #21st century with digital n mobile devices. Show the people around the #globe proof. Isolated incidents are going to happen/there are assholes in this world that do not care n have no soul. > http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/ Today is Columbus Day. Pay attention to the #words in #song, #speeches, #conversation n whatnot. #Semantics

C-SPAN > C-SPAN > C-SPAN > Folks if you listen closely enough. No one say shit bout the folks killing Americans on American streets as vigorously as Muslims n Christians n other minorities. Pay attention American people. What about the folks being killed on American streets by police officers n folks in our local communities? Americans are suppose to be worried bout Muslims? Yeah OK….what bout the next door neighbor, dude or doll walking down the streets? What bout dem kids with no guidance in your local hoods n what bout dem tea party folks touting guns in our local hoods? Huh? Dem pubs so quick to talk bout what is going on in another country but what about what is going on in United state of america? Huh? What about that landscape #politicians > Mr. President Barack Obama and John Boehner? What about that….#EnoughAlready.

HA…I remember platform speeches. SMH! YURP American people are tired of scullywag #politicians representing the United state of america. Hell I can be on the house floor representing the #American people after watching these folks onC-SPAN.

21st1 Hit Dem Pubs in the Wallet

You ever look at something n say. Hell no. I can do that job. How the hell did they get that job? HUH?

I <3 you C-SPAN. I DO! MUAH! :* The scripts write themselves. People we need to watch this train wreck….

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