Happy New Year folks!

By the way folks, Happy belated New Year to you all that pass through to read the content on this blog. I know this is late but I am still in a celebratory and laid back mode. My birthday is on New Year’s Eve. I should be back fully functional and ready to blog in the next couple of days. I loved this time of the year. I turned 44 years old and I am happy about it. My mother did not live past the age of 31 years old, she passed from an grand mal epileptic seizure therefore I can related to what the “Travolta’s” must be going through; although not entirely because we didn’t practice Scientology in my family. It is a horrible feeling to lose someone around the holidays especially a child. It is sad when a family lose their children at a young age. It is tough! My love and thoughts goes out to Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson and the Travolta’s. These people have touch many people lives and deserve a time to mourn their loss. It was hell of a year for them and especially living it out in front of the public. They need their time to get it back together which may take a very long time. Peace! Love and hopefully we will all have a  “Happy New Year”  in 2009 with the newly elected President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama and their 2 little beautiful princesses.

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