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I was reading an email that I got from H33t and wondered how many people thought about downloading Trojans and viruses to their computer simply to test drive an item from a torrent. A curious individual sent a question pertaining to just that to H33t and they said. P2P sharing is very popular today and a lot of folks are downloading files at rapid speed. Comcast is limiting broadband to serious abusers and has been sending out warning letters to those who are downloading 1000′s of gigabytes each month. I wonder what the P2P groups are going to say about this new reform change to bandwidth. :


i received this pm from a new member and i my reply may be of interest to all members especially if you are a very recent visitor
Curious person wrote:

Thank you for the welcome. A friend says this is a good site to download and not worry about viruses or anything like that.  Is this true?  I am not that experienced at this and I do not want to ruin my computer you know i hear all this stuff about p2p but like I said a friend told me about this. I do see its alot different then other p2p I seen on other peoples computers. Please give me a little insight about this I would appreciate it.  I was goin to download the torrant earlier then got cold feet.  Ok thanks alot take it easy.

H33t reply:

i cannot vouch for all external torrents (torrents from other sites) but h33t torrents are generally problem free

if you take h33t torrents (also known as internal torrents) you can speak with the uploader by sending a pm and view the comments under the torrent for any problems. if there is a problem with a torrent it first appears in the torrent comments, then in the torrent verification section of the forum. a moderator is usually very quick to react to reports and remove problems when they are found to be genuine

as a general guide: movies (avi, wmv etc) pictures (jpg, gif, png, etc) and audio (mp3, flac, ogg etc) are 99.99999999999% problem free. it is very rare to find a virus/trojan within these file types

warez is a completely different matter. many virus scanners will falsely report a trojan because of the presence of a patch or keygen. 95% of problem reports about h33t torrents are false positives (the scanner is in error). visit the forum and see the stickies at the top of the torrent verification section for guidance, you will find an easy online method for testing files for problems using all of the big antivirus engines

also new warez can hold exploits which are so new they are not yet identified by the virus engines, it may take more than a year for a new trojan to become known to the public and added to the antivirus signature databases. new warez are the primary distribution means for new viruses and trojans. again, read the forum for how to safely handle this type of software, warez do not need to be a problem if you know what you are doing

as you can see we are realistic about the risks. we focus on education for downloaders, labelling of risky torrents and a quick reaction when problems are reported. combine our vigilance with an alert and participating community and you discover h33t is one of the safest torrents sites there is

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