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I finally found a photo image plugin that works satisfactory for me on my WordPress blog. Kudos to NextGen Gallery plugin. Of course; I learned about it the hard way, that is my image inserter for WordPress 2.6.1 stop working. I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on with my blog for about 1 week. I had to learn how to insert images but it stop working on my WordPress 2.6.1 blog. The WordPress interface in my write post stopped working because of the Position me plugin that I installed sometime ago. I had to redo the entire blog to figure out what was causing the problem. I deleted the Position me plugin, it was causing to much problems for me. That is when I discovered how easy it was to use the NextGen Gallery plugin for WordPress 2.6.1

I highly recommend that you try it for yourself. It does not conflict with my flickr Manager plugin for WordPress 2.6.1I am back to blogging and inserting my digital images to share with the world! I had to go back into my blog and reinsert all of my images, even my tags used plugin has begun to function correctly  on my WordPress blog. You will notice a button on the very end of your post which will allow you to insert NextGen Gallery images that you have uploaded into a gallery. This is really a very user friendly photo plugin to use with your WordPress blog.

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