High School Students Consider Attending A Military Academy

Chess Team High School Students Consider Attending A Military Academy

Many students are graduating from high school with no idea how they will be paying for college. After spending countless hours on maintaining good grades, participating in extracurricular activities and making sacrifices with the hopes of attending college one day. Consider a military academy for your education, a lifetime experience and network with folks from all over the world. For high school students considering attending a military Academy note that you will still be able to participate in extracurricular activities.

Now is the time to prepare if you’re planning on attending any military academy. The paperwork is long and you must meet the deadlines to be consider. I highly recommend all High School juniors and seniors to consider an Military Academy as an option. Our eldest son graduated from the Air Force Academy after a long five years. Had we listened to the naysayers and doubtful folks we would have not literally pushed in through the front doors….let him tell it, he was forced to attend…LOL! He literally was forced to attend based on our finances and his bank account…now that in itself would make anyone confront their realities when attending college. He graduated without any student loans to pay back, an income and a career if he wants it. He is currently skipping to his own beat with his peers in Japan. Good Job Officer Randall! I am proud of the young soldier and salutes him every chance I get. I can honestly and proudly say he truly has become the young man I am proud salute and respect.

The Military Academies want to see you as a proactive, can-do person, not a follower. Officers are the ones who make things happen and inspire the enlisted to do their best.

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Junior High School student it is not too early to apply to the Military Academy of your choice. Seniors may want to get it done ASAP because Congressional interviews are being scheduled on the calendar right now. Our youngest son received his congressional appointment for this month…wish him luck. The meeting may last for only 10 minutes but that can be the longest 10 minutes of your life. Nomination appointments are being set for the students entering the military academy after high school graduation.  The academies will walk you through the entire process and will send updates periodically. My suggestion is stay on top of the paperwork and don’t give up. On another note: For enlistees, the opportunity to enter the academy is available for you too. There are at least 150 slots opened for enlisted men and women, however most folks don’t apply and inquire. If you don’t get in the military academy…keep trying, strengthen your application and ask why you did not get accepted. It may be something minor or your paperwork.

Several requirements you must meet in order to remain eligible: Candidates can apply up to the age of 23 years old, no children, never been married, no police record and the willingness to commit to an military academic environment. If you can past all of those prerequisites, then why not give yourself the opportunity of an lifetime?

Air Force Academy

Naval Academy

Marine Academy

West Point

National Reserves

The Congressional Nomination packet would include. The Academies suggest that applicants pursue nominations not just from their Congress people, but from both Senators and the Vice President. Each US Congressperson has a  number of nominations, and it varies depending upon how many of his/her nominated people were appointed and currently attend an Academy. It is never too early to start gathering these item in a folder.

The Senatorial packages require similar materials to those requested..  A personal statement, resumes, three more letters of recommendation—for each—and their preferred application cover form.

The Vice President—uses the application materials submitted to the Academy. You need only fill out a one-page form that notifies him of your interest and summarizes what you send to the Academies.

While you wait, you stay in touch with the Congressman by calling with questions, attending other Academy Nights and stopping by to chat. You never actually talk with him/her in the office, but you do become familiar with the location of his office, the layout, and his staff. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with the Senators. You do call with a question, but you don’t even reach anyone on the committee.

No one is allowed in the interview with you…nope your parents don’t get to hold your hand this time, you’re on your own dudes and dolls. You think about each possible question, go over them in your head, and insure you have an honest, straightforward answer for all of them. You decide honesty is the best policy. You won’t try to impress them, just hope your background, resume and credentials do that for you. If that means talking about how hard your life is or was, momma was a hooker or drug addict, your family is dysfunctional…then you tell the truth and why getting an education is important for you. No bullshitting or fluff allowed…sincerity will shine through. Then you wait…..

  • a completed Application for Nomination
  • a resume (based on an enclosed sample)
  • a short essay discussing your reasons for seeking admission to a Service Academy
  • a photo
  • SAT examination results
  • three letters of recommendation.

 High School Students Consider Attending A Military Academy

If you want the real scoop I suggest candidates who are considering attending a military academy to read “Building a Midshipman: How to Crack the USNA Application.” The material would be useful to use when apply to any of the military branches.

Sade this blog post was written for you per your request about attending the military academy. Good luck and keep your head up baby girl!

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