Diamonds are a girls best friend

I have to wonder how many celebrities or ordinary folks are wearing bling are buying their simulated diamonds from these days. There have been a few thefts on the blogs about the theft of celebrities chains being ripped off of their necks and their home. It makes me wonder just how real those diamonds truly are because there was not a lot of fanfare about the loss. That is why one should purchase simulated diamonds, economically it make realistic sense and keeps more money in your pocket or wallet.  I ordered a few pair of earrings from them to check out the product. I am very impressed with their earrings and their extensive jewelry line. I ordered the Leto and round 3 carats diamond earrings, which are too big but they are beautiful. They are  brilliant and shine like stars. is a company to buy your bling from without the astronomical price tags associate with buying  real diamonds. The customer service is impeccable and outstanding. I have no complaints and may order from them in the future. The simulated diamond are not conflict diamonds meaning no person lost limb or life mining these simulated gems. Grooms short on cash may want to consider purchasing their future brides diamond rings from diamondnexuslabs, they are beautiful and look like the real deal. For women who want the bling without the price tag this is the gem to purchase, plus they send your jewelry in beautiful packaging along with a couple of pieces of Godiva chocolate. I love that no one one was injured, harm or lost a life over these ethical diamonds. It has been allege that diamondnexuslabs diamonds will cut glass they are harder than most substances except for diamonds. Another great feature is that your diamond has an “100% Triple Life Guarantee,” you can’t get that from any retailer. Check out some of their articles on their website, that what’s convince me to order a pair or two for myself.

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