Demonoid registrations are open

I am off to dinner with my family to a new chinese buffet joint and my husband is famish. I will explain later what this site is all about later perhaps as soon as Monday; it is a torrent site that is closed to newcomers periodically . Today they are taking new registrations.  Shout out to for the 411. I love to surf torrents. I have not made that a secret on this site and will give out the scoop periodically when I find out about new information. I am a curious individual and love to see what is going on in the torrent cyberworld. You look hard enough you will find some very interesting content! Check it out for yourself you might just learn something you closet torrent lovers!

Demonoid registrations are open to the public for only a few seconds. As quick as you blink they will close their registrations. Beware of trojans and ugly stuff from this site though; I say because I have had some issues with them in the past. Some of their uploaders save trojans and worms to their site. BEWARE and have a security software on your site. Test drive Kaspersky


it will not last for long, get your demonoid account quick. It could be over by the time you check this site.

Remember while you are there to spread the word about h33t


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