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2960990809 17bfa262aa t Comments for your blogThis maybe old news to some people but for this new blogger this is a relatively new feature for me to add onto my WordPress blog. No registrations, no logins for users, optional features such as tracking and pinging brings new meaning to blogging. It is a pain for me to register on a new site and than have to comment. I am sure some people would feel that way when they visit my site. Don’t you love it when all you gave to do is visit a site and leave your two cents without all of the paperwork involved just to become a member of the blog. To my rescue is JS-Kits for my WordPress blog. It offers a full feature commenting engine on my site enable with Askimet spam protection for those who want to leave spam comments. That part we will see about. I’ll let you know about that at a later time. For control fanatics like me there is still that wonderful comment moderator in place. YAY! It was easy to install onto my WordPress blog. Simply download the WordPress plugin and upload it to your plugin editor via FileZilla. Go back to JS-Kits to edit your page settings. Presto, your done! JS-Kits has other items for your site like the Navigator and few others toys for bloggers which I am not ready to put on my WordPress blog theme but it might fit your blog theme style:


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  • dee

    nVery cool comment section you have here! :-P