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I don’t know which one is better at fighting comment spamming; the Askimet or WP Spam Free WordPress plugin for your WordPress blog. Askimet and WP Spam Free deserve their kudos! Comment Spam is a pain in the behind. If I had to choose between the two it would be Askimet for fighting comment spam along with my WP Spam Free as a backup plan for fighting comment spamming, the culprits I call ” Pirates and bandits” robbing you of your time to rid yourself of their comment spam on your WordPress blog. It is sort of like the mosquito zapper for your WordPress blog. Believe me there are folks out there in cyberspace who don’t have anything better to do than to be a pain in the arse on your blog by sending and putting ish on your WordPress blog. If you don’t have these tool you should download them immediately! This is an example of Askimet Stats tool in action. My blog is still new and these are the results thus far! Not to bad from were I am sitting. I love graphs when other people are putting together my statistics. Cute to look at and a great ego booster.


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