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It is the weekend before the election. Drink Ciroc Vodka with a splash of lite juice or cranberry. Straight liquor will kill you. Drink responsibly and if you have a driver get drunk! I am watching CNN and they said McCain applied for a marriage license before his marriage was over. Now that is the man who is running for our country claiming that Obama has issues? According to CNN Cindy’s wealth help the transition. He saw Arizona as a place for opportunities; of course he would with the wealth of his wife, Cindy to be. He ran for Congress in 1982 and with a struck of luck he bought a house in Arizona and with the money Cindy had backing him. Watch CNN for the scoop. All McCain talked about is his life as a military brat and of course the money backing him helped. Working class American people DONOT have the options he had. He outspend the opponent 4 to 1. Of course that is OK since he had high powered friends, John Hightower for one. Now Obama comes along with his grassroots fundraising and the McCain camp is stating in their speeches that Obama is buying the election. Obama is not buying the election he is running for the White House of the United States. Watch CNN and surf the Internet for the 411. Drink Ciroc Vodka this weekend and check out CNN for coverage leading up to the election. CNN is on the money! Three days left to Vote people! Put on your sneakers and stand in those lines to cast your vote. VOTE! Yes We Can! Yes We Should! It is time to change the face in the White house. Get out there and Vote! Oh yeah; take your cameras and take pictures too! This is an historical moment that we baby boomers may never see again in our lifetimes. Better capture the moment and upload those pictures to flickr.com

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