President Obama is the First President on The Couch

President Barack Obama on “The Jay Leno Show” is the coolest thing to listen to and watch. President Obama is the First President in history; and in some cases our entire life time to watch a president on a late night talk show. My how things have changed since the last president in office. I loved that our president had the nerve to go on “The Jay Leno” show” despite knowing that there will be backlash from the media and blogs of every word he speaks on the night talk show. There is going to be nitpicking and dissecting of every word. President Obama has a job and a family just like most of us. At the end of the day when he gets off of work; he wants to let his hair down or hang out with his family and friends too! I believe people expect the president to sit in the White House as if it is a cocoon. President Obama is the people’s president. I missed the show last night but I able to watch at this worldstarhiphop video of the entire interview on ” The “Jay Leno”. The video is 25 minutes. Not bad Mr. President! icon mrgreen President Obama is the First President on The Couch

Check out Mr. President with all of that swagger: Let me translate for you: I don’t give a rats ass what you think about me. You can forget me staying locked up in the White House. I am not going to be a president who is a prisoner in the White House. This ain’t no damn audition cause I ain’t on American Idol. I have a job to do that is why I ran for office, so I can make change happen. Jay Leno ask about AIG. Some idiot who didn’t know what the hell he was doing when he made an agreement with the good old boys messed with the taxpayers dollar. You spoil brats on Wall Street think that your entitle to the Americans people money without doing any work for it while the average employee is struggling. This ain’t Hollywood and the economy is not a stage to mess up people lives. I ain’t going to just sue you; I am going to tax your bonus money at 95-100%. You done mess with the wrong guy if you think my black ass is going to continue to do things based on the old regimen. Won’t be no secret bribes behind doors, we plan on keeping the people informed. We are going to fix this mess and you better make sure you didn’t cash that bonus check. The idiot who approve this is trying to scrambling to convince the American people why they deserve these bonuses. The American people want a damn job that pays enough for us to live our lives comfortably like the cats on Wall Street. The swindler who stole your money created legal loopholes that prevent us from protecting your money. If you lose your money your shit out of luck. Everyone deserves to get a piece of the pie and the people should not be hoodwinked into believing that their not eligible for any of the bailout money. During the last 10-15 years the good ole boys were bullshitting you about their phony wealth on paper. They made up the figures to get theirs and could care less about your poor ass. Poor  dude was handed a plate of shit that is literally hanging by a string, he is gritting his teeth and cursing out the previous administration for leaving him this shit to clean up. All of this shit was left for me to clean up and you know the saying; lets put it on the next guy. I can’t blame anyone, you know that’s what politicians are good at doing. He has to work harder than the past administration if he wants to keep his job. A lot of banks are buying luxury items and taking vacations on the people’s money. They haven’t start lending loans and extending credit because they are trying to find a way to keep it all for themselves. When a bank stop begging for a bailout we will no longer be up the crack of their behind. We plan on making anyone who is using a bailout accountable for every damn dime we give you. People need to borrow more student loans and buy cars to get the economy flowing. If the bank won’t give you any money because your not creditworthy than I don’t know what to tell you. Lie to the banks to get a loan, that’s what they did to you. Don’t hide you money from the government by putting it under the mattress. We could use every dime you have during this recession. My kids are going to need money in the future to buy clothing and a car. People should not forget how the last administration screwed and hoodwinked you out of your money. I am super president and I will get this economy back on track. We are going to create new opportunities by building cars that you can plug into your outlet in your garage and than sell that energy back to the government. In another words, you better get on the grind and get re-educated and update your skills for the new jobs that are on the way. The hybrid is not here in the states but Japan is already doing it. It is unreal that my black ass is flying in the Air Force one while we are going to Camp David. My daughters are like hell yeah this is the business. My daughters are on a whole different level of cool. Yeah, damn Skippy, I have been bowling in the White House and my score is a 129 but I still prefer to play basketball. I have an hideout with a basketball court at Camp David. You knew when I took this job that I love basketball, get over it already. Did they throw the game because your in the house. They better let me win if they know what is good for them. Leno asked do they let you win because your the president. My final four is final and you not going to make me pick someone just to get brownie points. North Carolina in the house! Isn’t that a swing state when you pick. This is Washington and  the dog was a campaign promise, I kid I kid, the dog is on the way. I have to convince First Lady if we can get a dog after the summit trip. First Lady ain’t feeling no damn dog. Leno ask if it is a Portuguese water-head? What kind is it Leno ask? The President says its not that! Its not a water-head, that sounds like a scary dog man. Sort of dripping around the house we are going to get a dog that is; I think that the girls will have a great time. I think I am going to have a lot of fun with it in between saving the economy. They say if you want a friend in Washington, D. C.; get a dog. Leno says this is one of the best times of his life. Keep it real dog!

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    No the jokes do not help the economy. No to all of your questions. You are correct “when much is given, much is required”. Yes, the people do hold President Obama to a much higher standard. Thanks for your feeda!

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