Charity: “Keep A Breast Foundation”

Exclusive video of Tila donating her beautiful breast to be plaster for a charity called “Keep A Breast Foundation”. Her “Breasts” will be auctioned at the 3rd annual White Party at the Playboy mansion on Saturday May 23rd. to sale at the Playboy mansion. This is pretty cool! Celebrate healthy breast. I once had two lumps removed from at Georgetown University, had it not been for the Susan G. Koman for the cure center, a supportive husband and a gay best friend of 25 years. I would not have had those lumps removed. It was extremely painful and my lumps were benigned. My husband lost his mother to cancer in 2003. Get tested women and men too.  Get that yearly mammogram and don’t be scared to touch your breast to self exam to check for lumps. Thats how I found my lumps. Kudos to Tila for get her breast plastered for a good cause, now were can I sign up too!

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