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I am a huge fan of Pop Culture and everything celebrity. I love surfing through theybf for the latest photographs of African American celebrities that may not have been covered by mainstream media. Perez who is a big big fan and friend of Paris Hilton gives you all of the scoop on white celebrity with a sprinkle of black celebrity and let’s not forget x17online who have a big appetite for Britney Spears coverage. Sandra Rose who shoot straight from the hip blog about celebrities get me laughing every time; a force to be reckon with on her level would be Dream and Hustle. DrewReports who has some of the most gorgeous photographs on his website that I can’t help but click on for my cup of celebrity images daily and of course the blogging isn’t that bad either. Panachereports is truly insider news. My all time favorite and very entertaining splendiferous divine Love B. Scott is moving from his apartment to another undisclose location to shoot his entertaining videos and blog. Bossip brings it with the Henny without the coke. Mediatakeout can be a bit controversial with their coverage of gossip and doesn’t seem to give a damn! Well, there you have it my favorite celebrity blogs that I can’t help but look at everyday for the inside gossip, scoop, lowdown and beautiful digital images done by photographers from all over the world. All of these bloggers bring real time information faster than Star Magazine, OK and any of those other mainstream tabloids that I use to subscribe to yearly. There blogs are real, raw, funny, sad and informational. Needless to say by the time I received my tabloid magazines it was old news. Keeping up with the celebrities, pop culture and reality stars don’t have to be a lot of work when all you have to do is get on the Internet. Click onto these blogs daily and get your cup of celebrity gossip. It is much cheaper too than subscribing to a tabloid magazine who don’t always feature half of the celebrities that are out there on the scene today! No favoritism from these bloggers! The digital images from the photographer or paparazzi are in real time too!

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A must watch of some of Love B. Scott videos posted on youtube compiled as a farewell from his old apartment to his new undisclosed location. Very funny and entertaining! Love me some B. Scott!

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