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A Photo Editor (APE) is Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.

It was this Haggart blog post that did it for me.:

Becoming a Photo Editor

A friends daughter dropped by the office for a little career advice a little while back. She recently graduated from college with a degree in the arts and is interested in becoming a photo editor.

(Okay, first off I find it fascinating that someone would choose photo editing as a career path. Aren’t we all failed photographers? Ha, ha, industry joke.)

She landed an internship at a magazine’s photography department which is the obvious first step and it sounds like a good job because they’re understaffed so she will have many duties not usually given to interns… unlike the boring shit I make our interns do: sending out tears, returning art and calling PR flacks for photos (editors idea).

Anyway, my whole point here is that I came up with a few tips for any aspiring photography editors out there:

1. Develop your eye for photography. Unless you were born with the golden eye you need to edit tons of photos because wading through all the crappy images to find the gems is what develops your eye for what makes a good image. It’s also helpful to track images from your edit to the final printed product so you can see which images make the final cut… unless, your editor and/or art director suck and then all the great images never make it on the page but that’s another story.

2.Keep a list of editorial photographers. You need to begin learning the names of all the great editorial photographers and try and keep track of the various shoots they’ve done over the years. This means visiting the newsstand and writing down the names of photographers who’s work you like. If the only photographers name you know is Annie Leibovitz, who by the way is under contract with Conde Nast, you’re up shit creek because you will never land her to shoot a 1/4 in the front of the book. I’ve tried. It ain’t pretty. The list of top editorial photographers is not long and you should know who many of them are.

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List of some of the best editorial photographers in the United States.

  • Tim Mantoani
  • Michael Davis Adams
  • David Anthony
  • Richard Warren
  • Nicolaas de Bruin
  • Eddie Baute
  • Richard Reinsdorf
  • Mark Robert Halper
  • Raya
  • James Markus
  • Dirk Franke
  • Jill Watcher
  • Eric Striffler
  • Shaun Alexander
  • Sylvie Blum
  • Michael Creagh
  • Clay Poole
  • Steven Lippman
  • Amanda de Cadenet
  • Greg Powers


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