Bloggers Beefing Over Content

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I was perusing one of my favorite celebrity blog a few moments ago for my daily dose of celeb gossip and read that an angry blogger has an all out verbal attack and beef  against other bloggers. Whoa girls! That’s so high school to fight over content. You can read the same content on all of their blogs and get it from Google if you surf long enough on the Internet. The layout and the theme is the only difference between some of these celebrity bloggers. The content does start to look the same if your reading all of the blogs under attack with a slight deviation of content here and there. Anyone with a computer can surf the Internet and obtain the same images and information. It is all about how you spin the story. This is a ridiculous bloggers beef and it isn’t just the black bloggers either. Perezhilton opposite opponent has an attack section devoted to bash Perez when given the opportunity. Based on the posting on PerezHilton website; I don’t think he gives a damn what anyone says about him. He makes his living off of controversial postings and girlfriend is living and getting his life. It was only a matter of time before someone came for his blood and his title.

“Bloggers Beefing Over Content” is foolish and downright tacky. Blogging is suppose to be fun and an online resource for your readers to enjoy when they visit your website. When it gets to the point when you start tweeting, responding tweets, name calling, back biting, negative labeling, cursing someone out and depicting a crabs in a barrel mentality. It is time to hang that blogging hat on the nook and pursue other activities. Who needs the negative energy and I am sure readers don’t want to be put in the middle of that nonsense. On a positive note, all of the blogs who are being attacked are pretty entertaining to read. It is much cheaper than OK and Star magazine; plus readers can get pop culture reported in real time. By the time magazines come out I have already got the scoop from some blogs on the Internet. This blogging beef will be interesting to follow in the days to come. It is not the first time that Sandra Rose have come under attack from Concrete Loop. One suggestion to the blogger waging the war, it would be in her best interest if she is the “Diva” of blogging to take that energy and start a network with the other bloggers your attacking.

Word to the wise in regardless of your skin tone, ethnic background, education and allege skill level. Read the blog posting on Dream and Hustle to help you get a grip. This blogger is deep and his Dream and Hustle blog keep me thinking, laughing and pondering about my future: We got too many brothas and sistas still hell bent on giving the side eye to other brothas and sistas that want do for self.

Concrete Loop wages a blog war with other African American Blogs. The blogs in the listing below are the blogs that are being reference in her tweets on Twitter. CL does not listed all of the African American celebrity blogs but there are hardcore bloggers on the web who may not gossip and keep up with pop culture or interest in a bloggers beef. At the end of the day it is just blogging. I guess it would be safe to say that a girl is tired of the BS that she encounters dealing with getting recognized as a major player and she just blew a gasket. CL may need a Calgon take me away moment with a class of bubbly to relax her weary soul. One thing is for certain is that it made for a great blog post today. This topic is open for discussion. Thoughts and discussion anyone?

Sandra Rose



C & D stands for Crunk and Disorderly

Young Black and Fabulous known as theybf

Necole Bitchie

Drew Reports



Perezrevenge wages a blog turf war with PerezHilton

x17online use to have a problem with PerezHilton using their images on his blog. I haven’t read anything about it in a long time; I guess the celebrity bloggers settled their differences.

Singing “She Not Me” by Madonna

Love B. Scott on TVOne Access

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