Be Safe this Weekend & WTF Moments of the Celebrity Juice on the Internet

While reading my September issue of “Vogue” which I purchased yesterday and anticipating the movie “September Issue” of Anna Wintour and Tyler Perry new movie “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” on September

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11, 2009. Yup! Those two movie may just get me to pay my movie fee to to the threater to watch on the big movie screen because I believe they are going to be that interesting to watch, analyze and entertain my spirit. I plan to sit back and read the September Issue of Vogue page to page after I fulfill my wife duties, mother and obligations over the Labor Day weekend. I will be catching up and listening to movies in the background. Oh well, yeah of course! Need I say more about that one because believe me… is that real in this recession. Money is tight, the mortgage is due, kid need a new pair of shoes and I need some money for my bank account! Weeellllllll! I am just an messenger of the stuff I find on the Internet…if I was to post half the ish I found on the Internet half of you would pass out from the shock. Need I say more? I am a techie kid living in a techie world with techie kids….gotta keep up with the grind. People for real though…..To all my sistas and brothas of all ethnicity…..the way we do things around here is based on diversity and skin color is just that…it is like the flowers in the field…variety. Be safe this holiday weekend and don’t become a statistic that we read or listen to on the news due to fault of your own. Drink lite and responsibility and keep your ass off the road if your full to the brim with that Jesus Juice in a coke can or plastic bottle laced with ice and your choice of poison. For those of us who don’t have any plans…get to know your family and tell them that you love them, read my blog, view my images on flickr, catch up on Mafia Wars, befriend me on facebook and read the Celebrity Juice around the Internet! Peace! Keep it real and the Lord will keep it real for you!

I really don’t have a reason to repost celebrity information because there are blogs out there doing that already. I use to subscribe to Star and a slew of magazines for just the celebrity juice but why do that anymore when you have blogs dedicate to giving you the celebrity juice in their voice. Anyway I can save I am willing to do it or go to my local library for the scoop, book or newspaper because that is what smart working class folks do who are trying to make a dime stretch! These are some of the blogs that might get my attention for a minute….anything more is worth reading about!

Kim Zolciak To Neffie: You’re A BET B*tch!

ATL Housewife “Sheree Whitfield’s” Divorce Details Emerge

Random Ridiculousness: Woman Steals a Whole Case of Beer and Some Sodas Between Her Legs!!

Strung out on Crack

Jon’s Spending It Faster Than He’s Making It

Dammit I am all women

DISSED: Oprah Bitch Slaps Chris Brown

Kanye Doesn’t Exactly Believe in “Love Me For Who I Am”



The Root: Loving Gender Bending Internet Personality B. Scott

The Worlds Smallest Dog Passed Away

Straight Laughing at These Sellout Black Technologists and Cornball Black Web Entrepreneurs

No H8 For The Wig . . . Today

Whitney Blames Oprah For Bad Voice

OH MY GAWWWWD!!! Rapper Bow Wow GETS EXPOSED … Pics Of Him Wearing WOMEN’S CLOTHING Hit The Net!!!

2-Day Event: Whitney Houston

I Don’t Love You Anymore

Chris Brown’s mom tells Larry King her son was never violent…before

Yeah I could on, on and on but damn I am bore with posting these….click on the recommend links and perhaps one day you will share your Celebrity Juice with the photographer4you.

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