A big ol’ fan Cry Baby over Giant football team.

This dude appears to be crying crocodile tears over his favorite football team, which is the Giants. Is it real or fake tears? We will never know unless the site received millions of hits and than they tell us why the guy is crying like someone just died. Sike…..only kidding, he really could be feeling that much emotional ish over the Giants football team win or lose out on the field. I didn’t watch the game. I don’t get upset when the Dallas Cowboys show off their stuff and lose a game or two; and my husband is not a sour piss poor loser when the Ravens don’t live up to their name either. My son is a poor sport when the Falcons don’t perform well but you can expect that from a teenager son, they expect to win every single game, or maybe it’s my son who have those type of issues. Back to dude, get a grip already, it is only a football game.

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