Why Social Media Websites Are Not A Waste of Time

social media Why Social Media Websites Are Not A Waste of Time

Social Media

If you’re like most folks connected to a virtual world. The first thing you do in the morning is grab your telephone, iPad or log into your computer desktop. Before you retire you check your status updates. You may as well be in business for yourself. You’re on the social media grind as soon as you foot hit the ground running in the morning. YUP! You send out a message or a tweet to your cyberpeeps and twiend that may sound strange to folks that could give a hoot about social media. This is a sign that your social media efforts are not in vain. Social media is not a waste of your time.

Family members and your real friends ARE NOT socially addicted to ANY social media handles may think you have lost your mind. In another words…they think you’re CRAZY! Perhaps you have lost your mind. You’re happy ass is addicted to social media. You might need to sign up for social media detox class?

According to the chart below folks spend damn near every waking hour on the Internet finding love, marriage, jobs and shopping on Amazon.

Do you think social media is a waste of time?

There are a number of reasons to be socially connected to the Internet.:

Parents SHOULD be monitoring their underage children’s virtual identity and presence from the asswipes lurking and preying behind their computer screens. There are more children preyed on in the virtual world that law enforcement can’t keep up. The data is staggering. Keep an virtual eye on your precious children parents!

Protest issues you don’t agree with your constituents, Congress and your President. Believe me..those folks are listening. They may not personally response to you. Spewing your opinionated rants among-st the bantering noise is a start to clog their ears, phone lines and email box.

Stay connected to family and friends around the globe. Gone are the days when you can knock on the door of an relative for a cup of sugar or a stick of butter. Get over it!

Save a lot of trees, paper and stamps mailing out shit folks throw away after the fact. Duh….

Start a blog like thephotographer4you® and spew your own bantering rants.

Network and e-meet new people around the globe. Travel around the globe from your computer, iPhone and iPad with the click of a button. This is exciting…need I say more?

People are playing games on the Internet ~ less time in an casino spending money they do not have for the slot machines. YUP!

Find your dream job on the Internet from all that networking. Shit has gotten really real for folks in the employment sector. With 14 million folks unemployed in the United States and print media damn near non existence. When was the last time you seen an hefty classified employment section? Monster got you a job? Uh huh….

Create your own business opportunity. We know nowadays folks are reinventing themselves due to the lack of employment, downsizing, ponzi scams, career change, just graduate from college, homemakers that just became empty nester and need to utilize those management skills and networking with folks you ordinarily would not have the opportunity to do in person.

The list goes on and on…Self development, educational and continuous learning. News travels faster than the speed of light in the cyber-sphere. TRUST ME! It really does! Most news is delivered via an status update on Facebook, a tweet from a twiend got the deets before the media outlets and crime has been stopped dead in its tracks via a tweet and a status update. People collectively communicated in social media. You will meet more people on the Internet than you would walking out your front door or going to your local grocery store.

Gone are the days when it was Avant-garde to traditionally to meet folks on a street corner, in your local bar, church, gym, college, and goodness know where else? Folks are being forced to diversified their circle of cyberpeeps, stereotypes are being combated, lost love ones are being connected, school mates are having school reunions, family are speaking with one another, folks are returning to college, advocacy has taken on a life of it’s own, non-profits are fundraising for causes, cyberpeeps are creating new business, folks are discovering seed money for new ventures, and the list goes on.

Why aren’t you connected in social media? Are you socially interactive? Are you simply being a lurker? Are you afraid to socially connect to strangers? Who are these people? These may be a few questions you ask yourself. Who cares. Dive in and become a voice amongst the bantering noise.

Nowadays I find myself asking folks that I connect with in the real world. Do you have a Facebook account? Are you on Twitter? Do you have any cyber influence? What is your social media handle? Do you have a business card?

It does not matter if you’re unemployed, an housewife, house husband, celebrity, CEO, Entrepreneur, college student and the President of the United States of America. What is your social media handle?

There has never been a time then now to be socially connected to the Internet. News, educational tutorials, textbooks, movies, business,  photography, recipes, tips, politics, gossip, entertainment and all kinds of information is being streamed at mind blowing rates. They say ignorance is bliss. TRUST ME! The Internet will make you feel like an ignorant individual. No longer do folks have an excuse to dumb down. Want to know something? Simply Google, Bing or Yahoo search a topic. No excuses…..allowed! Leave a comment or simply ask a question on this blog. 21st Century networking at your fingertips.

If you’re not interactively and social connected. Guess what? Your ass is literally out of the game, pun intended. WELCOME to the social media highway during the 21st century! If I were you or someone you know. I would advocate that they get connected ASAP to a social media handle. Claim their identity on the Internet before some else set up shop with their name.

Think of all the folks not connected to the Internet that are not aware of SOPA and PIPA? Uh huh…get the picture?



social media waste of time Why Social Media Websites Are Not A Waste of Time

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Facebook Response to invitations.:


Oh yeah, you may feel alone at first in cyberspace. But don’t give up. I found folks to be arrogant, stuck up, believe in their own celebrity, too busy to answer your question and too important to the point where your just the small man on the totem pole. You have to start somewhere, don’t try to be in someone else’s lane. Remember you just enrolled and signed up for your social media handle. Simply be yourself!

This message is for the universe….I am only a one woman and independent blogger posting rants on thephotographer4you®. I can use some help about now! This message is for the universe….

Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®
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