WARNING: Government Website Takes Over Your Computer Forever

Glen Beck gives the real reason why the Cash for Clunker program is designed to takeover your computer. Not sure how I really feel about any of the bailout programs because I have yet to benefit from any of them. Now that the fanfare of President Obama and the first lady has settled into their everyday coming and goings, there are tons of negative and positive press hitting the Internet. If I had to keep it real I never thought politics affect working class citizens in such a way that it made a hell of a difference in our lives but the elections sure look like a big party. Lets be real for a moment, President Obama is one powerful dude according to all of the negative press surrounding him lately and considering all the $hit that he had to dig out of the White House before settling in to his position. Its any wonder that he is still standing, he has the hardest job in America right now.  Anyway according to this Youtube video the government wants to tap into your boring world and take over your computer. All I can suggest is don’t have anything on your computer that you don’t want anyone to see and that would embarrass your momma if your ass lands on television. Your butt deserves to be track if your up to no damn good, here an example: Kiddie porn, building shit that could take out a country in a matter of minutes, hate, violence, crime, screwing animals like that black dude who just got busted by the mares owner and anything that the President deems a f*%king threat to our wonderful land of free and home of the brave.

Now the Youtube video that has news folks like Glen Beck and his team advising folks to not log onto Cars.gov before you had a chance to view the Youtube video with this advisory warning. I am just the messenger.

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