Update | BitTorrent Users Jump For Joy over Ruling

061003 murder she wrote Update | BitTorrent Users Jump For Joy over RulingTorrent Users who don’t give a second thought to downloading copyrighted material off of the Internet are doing the happy dance in front of their computer while their fingers are key-stroking and surfing for the latest torrent. The Viacom v. Google legal wrangling and the verdict is in..The “Viacom” boys slapped Google with a lawsuit for letting YouTubers upload its copyright material. Google won the billion dollar lawsuit but TorrentFreak says BitTorrent users are the real winners.

The court system basically says that if the big boys (Viacom) want content removed for violating the DMCA…than they must request to have it removed. Meaning Google is not the cyber-police and don’t have to sit in front of their corporate computer screens monitoring what someone post up on Youtube nor does BitTorrent websites have to check their links for torrents of copyrighted material before allowing it to be posted…..basically that is the lowdown until an appeal is filed to wage a war against the ruling. I am just saying Torrent lovers all over the world are rejoicing, downloading and uploading copyrighted material to their hearts content..in the meantime there is nothing The Viacom top dogs can do but fret until they come up with another strategy. Facebook Uses BitTorrent, and They Love It!

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