Twitter Tweets Can Earn $50,000 A Month

hqdefault Twitter Tweets Can Earn $50,000 A Month

When I read this blip about twitter celebs can earn $50,ooo per month. Lady Gaga came to mind….did you know she has 1 billion viewer hits on Youtube? This article might make you roll your eyes and be jealous with envy based on the dollar figure being reported by the media. Now this data may not matter to someone who could gives a rat tail about cyber connections nor concerned about growing their online business. Carry on because this blog post is going to boring to you. There are a lot of folks who are simply gaga and checking in on her every move….creepy but interesting for business. Lady Gaga is the becoming the first artist to hit the 1 billion viewer mark on Youtube. Ole girl is rolling in green paper literally if a celebrity is paid based on their viewership following on Youtube….somewhere dolls everywhere are feeling salty for stripping off all their cloths, ranting about a whole lot of nothing in a Youtube video and uploading naked videos of themselve to YouTube. Who knew all you had to do was call your fans little monsters, be different, dress up in costumes and be outspoken about social issues that bring awareness to the masses.  My 2000 twiends on Twitter may get me a dollar store following, a Kentucky fried chicken meal or a happy meal at McDonald’s.  I need more people ASAP! The average Twitter and Youtube user don’t stand a chance for signing an endorsement, obtaining a Youtube partnership that share the profits from being an partner, getting sponsorship from a major product or being notice unless your ass is famous. Welcome to social media. I suppose social media has changed the business game and getting folks to purchase things based on a tweet and Youtube viewership is becoming the norm. It is beginning to look like most social media networking websites are created for marketing celebrities to sell stuff to regular unemployed folks! Unless regular folks change their thinking about how they are going to connect with businesses and individuals….we will be left sitting their in front of our television screens and having a negative outlook on life. Cyberspace and truly being connected to folks is changing how we do business with one another and relate to love ones. Get into it! #Justsaying that crab in the barrel mentality, racial spewing folks with nothing but hate on the brain and narrow minded thinking does not belong in the cyber-space business model.

Twitter Celebs Can Make $50,000 a month exec has 5,000 stars on payroll to tweet product praise

Oct 25 2010 Written by: Mark Leevan | Posted in Twitter |

Daisy Lowe Twitter Tweets Can Earn $50,000 A Month

Here’s a fake tweet Daisy Lowe might get paid for.

Hello sugar! boobies love the feel in Candies more this lad’s hands. u should try.

Range Rover has recruited 40 people – including model Daisy Lowe, to toddle around in one of their cars and tweet their feelings. Turns out this new form of marketing is fattening the bank accounts of Twitter celebs to the tune of $50,000 a month.

The Sun is reporting:

Arnie Gullov-Singh, the chief executive of Ad.Ly, has signed up 5,000 celebrities to praise companies including Coca-Cola and Microsoft, with the stars earning up to $50,000 a month.

Among those recruited by Gullov-Singh to promote products on Twitter are rappers 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg as well as Kirstie Alley from the US sitcom Cheers.

The practice raised concerns that fans who follow the stars on Twitter might not be aware that the promotional tweets were paid for.

Gullov-Singh, 38, has created a vast industry of corporately branded tweets in the past year. He said:

“A year ago, celebrities were wary about their reputation, about selling out, but when they saw how easy it was to earn up to $5,000 a tweet, they flocked on board. We match up the celebrity and the suitable product, write the tweet, send it to the celebrity and they have 24 hours to turn it down or put it up on their Twitter stream.”

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