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How much information are you willing to share with the world?  There has to be some boundaries to consider for your family safety from the folks up to no good. When does a light bulb goes off that perhaps too much information is not good for the home front or an individual whereabouts? Unlike a celebrity, a working class individual does not have a bodyguard minding the home front or themselves, nor is there a person minding the crib when you go away on vacation, walk the dog and go to the grocery store. I am stunned that a tool called Rob Me has been created to be used with Twitter’s tracking tool. This tool has been created specifically for folks to come and steal all of your material goods most of us work very hard to accumulate. The Twitter’s tracking tool tool may not be a good ideal when used in conjunction with the Please Rob Me tool…..especially if used as a mindless tool with Twitter when tweeting in Twitterverse. Parents should be particularly concern if they don’t have parental controls setup on their personal computers. Your child might be setting your home up to be rob by burglarized and you may not even know it!

This new feature gives Twitter users the option of including their location with the assorted musings posted on the Internet messaging service. By turning this tool on Twitter it helps users to find information about a particular area or neighborhood. Locations won’t be included unless users turn on the tracking tool. The technology, which shadows people through Web browsers, can be turned off at any time. A user’s location also will be linked to a Google map so followers can use that to further explore the area.

tweets Twitter Tracking Tool To Rob Your HomeLocations won’t be included unless users turn on the tracking tool. The technology, which shadows people through Web browsers, can be turned off at any time.

Many of Twitter’s 73 million worldwide users already mention their location in their messages, or tweets. But that wastes precious space because tweets are limited to 140 characters.

Location sharing is becoming so prevalent that a Web site called Please Rob Me recently launched as a reminder that burglars can mine the information to help pinpoint places where nobody’s home.

The site automatically scans Twitter feeds to find location check-ins that are being tweeted out. It then shows them in this stream, and also pings the person on Twitter with a message like:

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Be careful folks! There is always someone out there waiting in the wind to cause more harm than good. The Twitter tracking tool is useful for business and commercial advertisers selling products and services in certain neighborhoods at a specific time.

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According to a recent post from the Bing Search Team, the Twitter Maps application in the Bing Maps Application Gallery has been updated to allow for map embeds. The Twitter Maps app, if you’re unfamiliar, is a “mapplication” (map + app) that lets you see nearby tweets overlaid on top of a Bing Map. After loading the Twitter map on the screen, you can used Search Filters that let you narrow down tweets by location (address, location, or landmark), keywords or phrases, and Twitter usernames. You can also check a box to see tweets with an attached photo only.

Once you have the Twitter map displaying the way you want it, just follow these steps to get the embed code for your website or blog:

  1. Select the map location either fixed (centered on a specific point) or anywhere (moves the map as the Tweets come in).
  2. Specify the dimensions of your map (height and width).
  3. Add search filters. These will be carried into the embed form if you’ve specified them to filter only tweets that meet your search criteria.
  4. Copy/paste HTML into your web page.
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