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There are many impostors on the online communities nowadays posting on social media networks and tweeting tweets of information under your actual name. Twitter @verified has been working to provide an solution to folks who want their real presence to be known to their readership.

Log into the account you want to verify and fill this out. Make sure you’re actively tweeting, your account is public, and your Twitter profile (name, bio, picture, website, etc.) is complete! Include the contact information of an agent/publicist/person that we can contact as an additional point of verification if necessary.

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It may take Twitter @verified sometime to get back to your account but once it is Twitter @verified you readers can be sure that is actually you tweeting the latest tweets on your twitter account.

  • The ‘Verified Account’ badge will appear in the top-right portion of a user’s profile page just above the name, location and bio—as shown in the screenshot above. The badge will click-through to this page.
  • It will always have a badge followed by the words ‘Verified Account’
  • If the verified account badge appears anywhere else on a user’s profile page (e.g. in the avatar or the background) it is not a verified account

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