My son and I was discussing the difference between a and night. I asked him what did he think the difference was and he said that “LimeWire” was much faster and “torrents” were more thorough in filtering the junk files. I would have to say I agree to some degree. It seems that LimeWire files do download much faster but may have a lot of files which contain trojans and incomplete files. Torrent files are just as risky however there are comments left from users of the torrent and it will become well know if a trojan or incomplete file is downloaded by a user. I found to be the most stable torrent that will download files from and a few other top torrent sites on the internet. There is a bit of a debate about the legality of downloading p2p files which I choose not to debate about in this blurp of an post. Most of these sites will allow you to download files to experiment before buying the product. Years ago, made it possible to share files but was shutdown due to copyright infringement. Poor thang did know what hit him. Now we have torrents and file sharing software all over the internet and in some cases; free for the taking. I strongly suggest that if your going to download files from the internet to install one of my favorites to protect your computer from the stuff that will kill a computer faster than you can blink an eye. Check out or for the the full working product I prefer Kaspersky because it checks every download and ANY changes to your system. It never let me down. Now I am sure there are some who would bash the product and may even curse me out for suggesting it. There is absolutely no reason to pay for a torrent subscription because there are too many free torrents on the internet to experiment with for your P2P. Just be careful about what you download to your computer system. You been warned……buyer beware and be extremely careful about what you download from the internet.

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