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There are literally thousands of torrent websites on the Internet with copyright and independent content available to anyone with the patience to understand how to download the content. One thing to keep in mind is your security software better be up to date because along with receiving the freebies you may download a virus along with the downloaded content. Other than that issue the content is open for grabs. My suggestion is to make sure your downloading with confidence, from the advice of someone who already know about torrents, you did your research or simply purchase it from a retailer.

Torrents websites I found surfing the Internet that might make you want to surf their websites.: brings the heat and is the mother of all torrents. I can understand why ISOHunt want to maintain its presence. They are about to lose their crown.

Demonoid private portal is by invitation only….they open that door periodically to the public. Yup these are some bad boys too!

Watch Movie I can’t tell you how many times I have views the latest movies from this website with guilt but I can’t help myself from hitting the play button. They are the truth! Enjoy it while it last…

The list below these words are list of torrents I pulled off the internet and don’t know much about except someone else is spewing noise about them. Surf with caution!, which will soon rebrand as, offers access to around a thousand torrents, ranging from indie movies to podcasts to documentaries, as well as a ton of music.  All files are centrally seeded, so your torrent client won’t idle out on you.

Limecast is a podcast directory operated by the makers of Limewire. Users can opt to stream or download clips right within their browser, or access torrent files for episodes of popular podcasts.

Legit Torrents is aggregating legally available torrents from various sources, with the content including the NIN concert DVD Another Version of the Truth and the Michael Moore film Slacker Uprising.

The Miro Guide is a content repository for the open source video player Miro, which comes with a built-in BitTorrent client. Some of the content included in the Miro Guide, like TorrentFreak TV, is distributed via BitTorrent, but you’ll still need Miro to download the files.

Public Domain Torrents is a slightly older site with the occasional database error, but that only seems to be fitting for the subject matter. The site features hundreds of torrents for movies with expired copyright. In other words: Pretty old stuff. Or classics, depending on your point of view.

YouTorrent is a search engine that aims to only index authorized content available through various BitTorrent sites, and it claims to currently index more than 80,000 torrents.

Jamendo is a music site offering access to more than 30,000 Creative Commons-licensed albums. All music is available for free via direct download and BitTorrent. features a few thousand torrents specifically tailored towards the gaming community, but we’re not just talking patches and demo relases: The site also offers access to a few hundred trailers, previews  and in some cases even full-featured films promoting games like Grand Theft Auto IV, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

LinuxTracker It tracks Linux distributions, making it possible to download all major flavors of Linux as well as quite a few lesser-known distributions.

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You can run your Search Filter: Web Search Results for “Bit Torrent Search Engines”

I strongly suggest that you don’t download any content from any of these torrent website. Your cable company can cut you off at the knees for copyright infringement. They don’t know if your trying to burn the files to make DVD’s and sell them on the local street corner out your trunk and backpack. Hit Play and Stop only until you receive notice otherwise….especially with the movie website. Comcast don’t play that download and burn to a DVD crap!  Streaming a movie to watch it is a lot different than burning it to a DVD!

Don’t hate, I am just a messenger!

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