The First Family Speaks

You gotta love President Obama that currently serves our country we have due to his love life and his keep it real attitude. I love his swagger, how he speaks highly of his wife and his relationship with his children. Remember back in the day when people use to call “President Clinton” the black president because of his swagger? Who knew that one day the United States would see and witness an actual African American running the big white house and the first African American president. No pun intended. President Obama is funny, witty and intelligent. I love his wife too! Back in the day you never seen and witness a first lady with swagger either. …her skin tone has nothing to do with her swagger either. She just allows  herself to keep it real and to keep it grounded. That’s my perception of our first lady. She uses the KISS method; keep it stupid simple! She has a style all of her own. I love it~You gotta give the First Lady, Michelle Obama her props and kudos! Our president is one cool dude as he give his speech at Notre Dame .

Remix: Blame It On The Alcohol

Notre Dame University Commencement Speech

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