Swine Flu Report

 Swine Flu Report

By now you would have to be living in a cave with no access to a television, computer and radio. Swine Flu has been the subject of moment based on media reports as it claims its first US victim. The Internet street is all abuzz about the swine flu….my advice to you would be wash your hands and make sure you treat that cold. Its just another fire our president has to put out along with the other pile of dong he was left to clean up since entering the White House. I just hope someone get this shit under control before it ends up wiping out populations of communities. Remember what they did when AIDS first hit the scene, it was considered a gay disease. Now the powers to be have another epidemic on their hands.

Read for your information facts about the swine flu at the CDC: Influenza Key Facts & Symptoms – CDC known as Center Disease Center

Swine Flu Update – Emax Health

Swine Flu death immediately confronts Sebelius – Midwest Voices

1st swine flu death reported in the US – cbc news

1976 Flu Fiasco – Huntingnews

Swine Flu Death – Huffington Report

CDC Confirms the First US death – Instapundit

CDC: US Flu deaths outbreak – MSNBC

5 people Hospitalized in the US – Yahoonews

Mexico swine fly spur global epidemic fears – Yahoo News

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