Smokers Tired of of Non Smokers Debate

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There is a website for serious smokers that has tobacco reviews and variety of cigarettes that I have never heard of before visiting their website. I am interest in learning the effect that prohibiting smoking in restaurants, casinos, cigar lounges, local bars hangouts and the workplace has on the revenue of that business. Although I was not of the smoking age I remember when people were allowed to smoke on airplanes. Has the non smoking policy affected the companies bottom line of revenue? Cigarette and cigar smokers said heck with this policy I am not going there anymore to spend my money for the lame entertainment they offer anyway. Clearly that thought of business and dollars had to be on the minds of some of these people who jumped on that “no smoking” no longer allowed bandwagon to prohibit smoking at their place of business . Tony Newman says cigarettes kill more people than drugs that are illegal. It was just recently discovered FDA smoke screen on e-cigarettes Cigarette substitute produces no deadly smoke. Oregon sues electronic cigarette maker alleging that the Florida-based “electronic cigarette” company made false health claims about its nicotine delivery device and targeted children with sweet flavors such as bubblegum, chocolate and cookies ‘n’ cream. Yeah I bought one too! A WTF moment

for sure: What about the teacher who took it upon herself to makes teen smoke 42 cigarettes. She punishes model student upon finding smokes and lighter in his locker. Fed up by the bullshit, taxes and increase in the expense, smokers grow own tobacco. Once the government Legalize and Tax Marijuana people will probably grow their own stash to smoke to offset the expense of lighting up. I am just saying it is only a matter of time before it is legal to smoke weed in the world. Wisconsin’s cigarette tax went up 75 cents per pack, making it the fifth-highest tax in the country and the most expensive among neighboring states. There you have it my commentary on smoking, get your Cigarettes and E-Cig coupons and Reviews.

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