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Just Like Me by Jamie Foxx feat TI. Not a bad track. Jamie has a album release in Dec.

I absolutely love Academy Award-winning “Jamie Foxx” on Sirius Radio channel 106. You can listen to Jamie Foxx on Foxxhole Radio on Satellite sirius radio. You can listen to Foxxhole on the Internet on your computer for a low fee of $12.00 a month. Not bad, huh! I love comedians and he has a lineup of top comedians on his site with progressive music. You can listen and test drive Sirius Radio for three days free during the trial period. Your just like me is a nice track. If I had to describe “Foxxhole Radio 106″, it is the black “Howard Stern” on major steriods. It is real, raw and really funny!

You can listen on Sirius XM Sirius 149 too!

Artist: Jamie Foxx feat. T.I.

Song: ‘Just Like Me’

Why You Should Listen: T.I. and the Academy Award-winning actor/singer acknowledge that every now and then you come across ladies that play the game as good as men do on the first single off his upcoming album ‘Intuition,’ which hits stores on Dec. 16.


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