Setting Up Parental Controls on your Computer

hqdefault Setting Up Parental Controls on your ComputerI had a very interesting chat with my sister this weekend about parental controls on her computer. She did not have any and has been putting it off. You know that line….I will eventually get to it but the truth of the matter is that day never came until she realize her sweet innocent and pure daughter has been hanging out on Facebook, Myspace and trolling the Internet. What she was not aware of was a child could still access Facebook with their gadgets. How did that happen? When she is not looking her children are up on Facebook and Myspace doing only god knows what….they told her they did not know anything about email or getting online with that gadget she and her husband purchased. It is extremely important for us old folks to stay abreast of technology and learn how to use all the functions with the many gadgets, televisions and gear that we own. One thing we old folks must remember….when we were growing up there was not any computers in school, cellphones, Internet access and all the very cool gadgets that some of us live for today….it was bulky mainframes and big box computers that half of us could not afford to purchase. I remember my first IBM computer I purchased cost $5000. Nowadays you can purchase a computer with pennies on the dollar….we live in a very high tech society and I can’t fathom it changing anytime soon!

Click the start menu and click on control panel. This is for Vista and the window will look different with XP. YUP! She still has a dinosaur of a computer running XP…..who knew, but we were still able to place limitations on the users she finally got around to setting up. What was really cute and a tickling moment that had us cackling like old hens……when she finally setup the users accounts and attempted to change something and realize it could not be done. She cackled like a hen! Guess you had to be on that call or you’ll miss that last point. All I can say….learning could be really fun if your patient enough and allow your mind to open to possibilities.

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Click on User Accounts and create user accounts for your kids with limitation and non administrative

User and Parental Setting Up Parental Controls on your ComputerOnce the users have been setup than click on Parental Controls to set up, block games, downloads, place time limits, allow or block specific programs or whatever. Once you have setup parental controls, you will than have the capability to view activity reports.

setup parental controls Setting Up Parental Controls on your ComputerYour window may look different depending on your platform and version of Windows. When in doubt reach out to someone and ask questions. What I love about parental controls is you will literally have control over the content your child will view, download and the amount of time they spend on your computers. My worst experience that I have had is computer internet viruses, games, porn watching, and defying my authority as soon as I turn my back……YUP! Sweet little John and Jane will test you and your thinking “I trust them”, they wouldn’t dare! Of course they are going to do whatever they want on your computer and then some.

Had I not setup individual users accounts on our laptop… may have been a wrap and serious money needed to have Best Buy attempt to remove the virus that mysteriously showed up under our teenagers user account. I was able to remove the child’s user account and my settings remain untouched. If everyone is logging onto your computer with a user account………too many hands in the cookie jar and it leaves your computer open viruses, downloads and gaming from websites you may not approve of for your child. I strongly suggest you setup a trouble shoot user on your computer simply for that purpose….it is a clean user and will help troubleshoot issues on your computer should any technical issues arise down the road.

Users Setting Up Parental Controls on your Computer

000203F2 Setting Up Parental Controls on your ComputerNowadays there are parental controls for everything including your cable television. Imagine my surprise when I learned that sweet innocent young teenage boy of mine was watching soft porn on DEMAND and on the Internet. After that initial shock wore off and I realized it wasn’t my husband getting ready for a night of ecstasy with me and wanting to learn new tricks to spice up our sex life. Although we gave him the benefit or doubt he would not go back on Demand again when we were not looking…..I soon learn the temptation was simply to great for him to ignore. I had to help him out a lot by placing parental controls on everything in my house. Here is how I explained it: We are still chasing down homework assignments, reminding you to do your laundry, clean your bathroom and bedroom. How in the world do you have time for sex, porn, or any other distraction that will throw you off your grind……there are after all only 24 hours in a day and he is already using a majority of those hours.

Note: Unless you want a WTF moment in your house….simply ignore or put off putting on parental controls on your equipment in your home.

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