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You know the Youtube videos of your favorite celebrity pushing their latest mixtape, that movie you watch on a pirate website, those innocent videos of your darling kids singing and dancing on Youtube, that music you insert in your Youtube video and all that freedom you take for granted in cyberspace? If the powers to be have their way…all gone based on written law. Is this political driven…you bet your sweet ass. Stop SOPA!


Read + Share + Spread = Stop #SOPA

“In other words, as we noted at the time, the race is now on for an additional 20 Senators to sign on with the existing 40 supporters of the bill. If supporters can’t find 20 more Senators willing to put their name on the record as supporting PIPA, then the bill likely won’t move forward. They already have 40 Senators signed on — putting their names on a bill that sets up the fundamental legal and technological framework to censor the internet in the US. But, over the last few weeks, this bill has certainly become more toxic as people have spoken out. Unfortunately, it’s not toxic enough, and there are plenty of out-of-touch Senators, who don’t even realize what’s in the bill and what its likely impact will be.”

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How Senator Wyden’s PIPA Filibuster Will Work, And What Harry Reid Will Try To Do To Kill It | Techdirt
Last month, Senator Harry Reid decided that the massive and growing public outcry against SOPA shouldn’t be of any concern at all to the Democratic Party in the Senate, and announced plans to bring th…

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