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You would have to be living in a cave, under a rock, ignoring current events or simply don’t give a damn if you don’t know what all the noise is about the bill “STOP SOPA”!

Backstory of my journey with the Internet.:

I was connected when folks called the Internet the World Wide Web and mainframes was all the rage. Then came LANs known as Local Area Networks and WANs known as Wide Area Networks. Anyone remember Novell and Netscape? Yeah right….gone!

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IBM Computer


I was excited to get my first IBM desktop and dot matrix printer back then. That is when computers would set you back $3000 and up. I had the opportunity to work with blue chip companies like IBM, HP, Apple and others to market; promote products; educate; train end-users; managers, government, anyone that would listen and increase the organization bottom lines in an assigned territory. Back then the Internet was not as popular as we know today. There were no social media handles much less a Facebook and Google was not even thought of….I think Netscape was all the rage. The rest is history. I never looked back! I love the freedom of the Internet. I love the non censorship and the ability to have an opinionated voice amongst the bantering noise in cyberspace. What about you?

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Connecting With Folks Around the Globe


The Internet has bridge a gap that no one expected. We have the capability to talk to folks around the globe. Combat stereotypes, advocate for  humanity and social change, raise money through grassroots, rant and rave in cyberspace and self develop. The secret wall of information has been torn down. No longer can we hide behind the curtain, the Internet has lifted the veil of secrecy about folks, cultures, companies, organizations, politicians, celebrities and whatever suits your fancy.  The door has been kicked wide open.

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Leave it to SOPA..this is what they want folks to go back to, the good old days!

We all can thank Mark Zuckerberg for the invention of Facebook. Google, Bing and Yahoo for making information readily available. YouTube for allowing folks to simply let it all hang out.

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Leave it to SOPA...folks will be in chains!

Create content independently, simply peer into one another living rooms, create start ups, blog independently and the list goes on. Henceforth, the Internet has caught a lot of our constituents (with their pants down, pun intended) and stop crime dead in its tracks. STOP SOPA! Say No to SOPA!

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Although thephotographer4you® blog has not completely blacked out. I support “STOP SOPA”!

TechCrunch | CloudFlare Builds ‘Stop Censorship’ App, Lets Sites Easily “Black Out” Against SOPA

Whatever position you may take on SOPA, or on whether or not sites should black out against SOPA (Yes it has come to this), the issue has reached a boiling point today with sites like Wikipedia and Re…

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