Passport To The World Beyond The U.S

 Passport To The World Beyond The U.S

If you are like most people who have left the country you can remember back in the distance past you could travel with a drivers license and a birth certificate. Those days are a now a thing of the past and no longer apply for getting your travel on to faraway destinations to get your party popping off. With a passport in your hand you can travel at a moments notice and with very little preparation to anywhere in the world. This is the year to get whatever paperwork you need in order. The days of not be prepared are foolish and downright inexcusable for everyone of us. It might seem expensive at first but it is well worth the effort. Plus immigration don’t play and you don’t want to piss those folks off.

  • Some countries require that your passport expiration date be valid six months after traveling entry or departure date. Some countries require that at least four blank pages for visas and stamps

  • The U.S State Department has the 411 on the process, requirements, fees and updates. If your a first times note that you can not apply by mail, this is only for renewers whose old passports are not damaged, stolen or expired, and you were issued within the past 15 years. It must have been issued to you after your 16th birthday and must state your current name or a name change that you can legally show a form of identification to prove it is really you. If your behind in child support payment expect to get the beatdown or hassle of getting caught up to avoid a hassle at the airport. How embarrassing would that be for the dead-beat daddies and mommies who decided to take a trip instead of paying their child support?

  • To renew your passport send in a padded envelope a DS-82 application form along with your recent passport, two identical 2 by 2 inch color photos taken within the past six months and a $75 check made out to the Department of State. If your name changed, include a certified copy of the marriage certificate or court order. Mail to National Passport Processing Center, PO Box 90155, Philadelphia, Pa. 19190-0155

  • There are 9000 passports acceptance facilities nationwide. In most states you can go to your local post office including many federal, state and probate courts, public libraries, county and municpal offices.

  • Everyone must have a passport from an infant to your ancient grandparents.

  • For extra pages in your passport you can request extra pages free of charge. Mail your current book and Form DS-4085. Send to the National Passport Processing Center, PO Box 90106, Philadelphia, Pa. 19190-0106 If you travel frequently applying for a renewal and wish to request extra pages, attach a signed note for additional pages to your DS-82 form

  • With the recent introduction of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, Americans can no longer flash that torned up identification when traveling to the Caribbean (except US domains such as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), Mexico, Canada and Bermuda. For air travel , you must present a passport when flying between the United States and those countries. For land and sea travel the WHTI is expected to be in full force by June 1, 2009, all American must carry identification and American citizenship when traveling by bus, car, train, cruise ship, you get the picture. One day we might all have embedded identification in our skin…technology will eventually get us there. My dog has a chip in him in case he gets out, who to say humans won’t be next?

  • Don’t want to carry a full size passport, there are wallet size IDs good for land crossings and sea ports of entry but not for air. It cost less than a passport. $45 for first time adult passport applicants. $20 fir current holders and $35 for minors younger than 16. These important documents are valid for 10 years for an adult and fives for children younger than 16. It takes an estimate three weeks even though I heard it can take a bit longer due to backlog. Of course if your a first timer you must apply in person.

  • For additional information, advice, or a status report on your application, call the National Passport Information Center at 877-487-2778 or check online

  • Original source of this article called The Ins and Outs of Getting Your Documents in Order was written by Andrea Sachs Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, February 1, 2009

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