Newspapers Are Suing Blogger’s for Stealing Content

davidvsgoliath Newspapers Are Suing Bloggers for Stealing ContentI was reading a celebrity gossip blogger website this evening when I read that newspapers are feeling some kind of way against blogger’s posting content snatched from their reliable sources. They are suing folks left and right to gain back print publication street credibility….little too late for that but than again what do I know? I suppose throwing in some expletives, talking trash is actually good for a blogger to post on their blog…I can’t say anyone would want to copy a blogger’s blog content calling folks asswipe copycats for stealing my material to place on their website. Huh? This sort of sounds like the same type of lawsuits that are happening with torrents but now it the blogger’s turn for a legal shakedown. Now blogger’s are getting blamed for the newspaper industry extremely slumped business. uh huh!  I clearly refuse to buy into that thought process….the newspaper industry was slowly dying and fading fast since folks have been armed with a laptop, internet connection, Google, Youtube, guts to talk mess on their blogs and WordPress. I would have to say I do agree with the articles advice about linking to a source…..

According to the LA Times, one newspaper has already filed 30 lawsuits against websites and blogs, including a small cat blog that has no ads.

Reporters and editors get understandably peeved when they see paragraph after paragraph of their work reprinted by competitors — regurgitation so extensive that there’s no reason for the reader to seek out the original, even when a link is provided. [LINK]

If you’re a small blogger who generously helps yourself to entire news stories from other media outlets, you should pay attention because you might be next.

“It took some blood, sweat and tears to get this material,” said Mark Hinueber, general counsel for Stephens Media. “It’s just wrong to then have some guy in his basement taking this stuff wholesale, selling ads around it and making money.” [LINK]

Newspapers are laying off staff and shutting down all over the country. The few remaining papers are hemorrhaging money and they have decided something has to be done about the little upstart bloggers who are stealing their hard work.

The LA Times article provided tips for bloggers who wish to avoid future litigation: “…don’t republish more than three paragraphs. Always name your source. Always link to the original.”

I decided to keep researching the story and learned about: It’s a compelling story of the shameless arrogance and disrespect some papers treat people breaking stories – and how calling them out can have an impact. Daniel Bennett has a good, analytical take on the situation.

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