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I am sitting in the wee hours of the morning typing away on my husbands laptop. I am watching Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo channel 73 or its watching me. I needed to install Power Twitter on my hubby laptop. When I type those words in the search for plug-in box; these are some of the Mozilla plug-ins that came up that I have never used prior to today. These 3 are very useful Mozilla Plug-ins. Wait to you actually see them in action especially when your blogging and twitting away on twitter.

Cloudlet adds a cloud to twitter power and Google. It looks really cool! I was pleasantly surprise to see a cloud of words on Google

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Kallout helps you get information about any word on any website.

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KwiClick will help you do more with embedded content such as videos, Flickr images, and locations. New icons will appear directly above videos from popular video sites.

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