Mobile Watchdog For Your Kids Cellphone

Who is your kid mobile watchdog? Nowadays kids of all ages who can talk on a phone are carrying cell phones provided by their parents. You can never be too careful with predators and pervs on the loose attempting to provoke your children to undisclosed locations without your knowledge. Kids are looking more maturer than their age and their mind has not caught up with their bodies therefore, they need all the protection that they can get from their parents and a monitoring service.

Parents say the services help them protect their kids against predators and also reduce “sexting,” the growing practice of using mobile phones to share sexually explicit text messages and pictures. In 2008, Jessica Logan, a Cincinnati, Ohio, teen, hanged herself after her nude photo, meant for her boyfriend, was sent to teenagers at several high schools, exposing her to ridicule and taunts.

The monitoring programs work like this: Once a child’s phone is equipped with the software, the parent or law enforcement officer creates a list of contacts — close relatives, trusted friends — who are authorized to communicate with the minors phone.

An online file, accessed by the parent, stores all activity related to the child’s phone, including text messages and shared photos. Any unauthorized number that contacts the child’s phone gets flagged, and the parent or guardian receives a real-time text message alerting them to the infraction.

Parents pay a monthly fee — about $10 — for the service, which only works on so-called “smart phones” with Web access. My Mobile Watchdog also will alert parents if their child has removed the software from their phone. Read more

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