Michael Jackson Finally Laid To Rest

 Michael Jackson Finally Laid To Rest

R.I.P King of Pop and my condolences to the entire Jackson family and friends. It is truly a sad day for the entertainment industry and the fans around the world. Keep your heads up!

Today will surely be one of the busiest days in history on the Internet and in Los Angeles. The tribute and remembrance of the late King of Pop  will be today at the Staples Center at 10:00 AM PT at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The memorial will be live streamed free via the web and media outlets across the world. Mashable has the 411 about where to watch the Michael Jackson Memorial today. CNN will provide live coverage of the memorial services as well. I will be front and center with my tissue box paying my last respect as if I am attending it in person. I loved Michael Jackson, hell I loved all of the Jackson’s, the entire family entertained us for years with their personal lives, music, performances and their very famous relationships. Some of us can only dream about what it would be like to be them and those who don’t will continue to make up stories.

Never in my lifetime have I ever witness any African American being laid to rest in the type of fashion the “King of Pop” is today. This is perhaps the only time any of us from my generation will witness anything like it. Between Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, the Beetles, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly and Michael Jackson; this is what a celebrity of his status deserves. He was loved all over the globe and perhaps outer space if this is any life form. R.I.P Michael Jackson, your finally going home to a place were you will have peace and everlasting life!

On Youtube Pete King is complaining about the media coverage that Michael Jackson is receiving today. I agree that we have firefighters, police officers and servicemen who deserves to be honored and commended for their great service to our beloved country but it will not be on the day that the country is honoring the “King of Pop” whose celebrity affords him this type of going to the other side. Oh well, him, media folks and a lot of his haters are going to come out of the woodwork’s to give their last stab of venom to denounce him in the media. Despite being found innocent of the charges against him and the accuser stating he lied there will be those who will find you guilty of walking across the street. He speaks about our society and what is says about America. Well, what does it say about our society when folks are found innocent and you still have people walking around accusing you of a crime you did not commit. Were is the justice for those who chose to stand up against their accusers? Damn if you do and damn if you don’t.

Youtube video spewing venom against the media coverage of “The King of Pop”

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