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linkpop Lets Talk Industry | Blog Websites Ranking Above 100,000KOver the last two years I watched my website ranking and statistics measurements grow by Alexa, Google, Lijit and my host provider go from 5 million to 185K. At first I thought it really meant something in terms of readership. Not exactly…it is more important to advertisers than it is to the readership of your blog. Go figure….I suppose I should be elated the blog thephotographer is moving up slowly with my grassroot efforts? Uh Huh…I guess! Each of the ranking statistic websites crawl your website and determine how the blog rank on the Internet. Who has the best pagerank and website ranking tool remains to be seen. Let’s talk about the industry of SEO, pagerank, Alexa measuring tools, and what it really means to thephotographer4you.

Alexa – ranks the traffic of a website and it is based on 3 months of historical data collected from users who have the Alexa toolbar installed. What is interesting to know is if folks who visit your website don’t have the toolbar…..oh well! So much for that uncollected data…Alexa will not count visitors probably or they would get data of from other sources. You can download Alexa Toolbar from here. Personally I believe it is good for users visiting websites on the Internet to check out a blog ranking via Alexa for the purpose of making sure you know information about any particular website on the Internet. One way to know the Alexa Ranking is with the Firefox Add-on, Alexa Sparky. One thing I learned about Alexa is that it is great tool that advertisers, ad networks and PR look at to measure your site’s popularity. I now look at those blogs who are listed in the above 100K with a grain of salt….#Justsaying numbers are more ego driven more than anything else but than again if a blog has a full staff and not making any money….than what is a small blog like thephotographer4you going to do compete to in cyberspace amongst all the cyber chatter? One thing is for certain is the data collected by Alexa allows me to review how the blog thephotographer4you is doing, but how does it equate into advertiser dollars is beyond my scope? Great ego booster though that one should take with a grain of salt!

Google – has been updating and making changes that a blogger should pay attention to, Google webmaster suite of tools is a must if your going to share information via a blog. Although the information can be mind boggling at first it is a great tool to measure a blog available: Google Analytics is a package that is installed onto a user’s website and then displays vital metrics about visitors, visitor paths, referrers, and clicks around and out of the site. The information is highly beneficial to the typical marketer or site owner as it enables the benchmarking and measuring of performance for advertising and marketing efforts. I can honestly say that the few pennies earned by Google does not pay the bills nor allow me to purchase the latest Coach bag…..but I suppose that is part of the grassroot efforts of starting from zero….I am hopeful that one day my readers will pay thephotographer4you some love by clicking those advertiser ads from Google Adsense that appear on this blog! When I first seriously started blogging over two years ago…I was concerned about my Page Rank but that quickly took a backseat when I realize I have no control over the page ranking of thephotographer4you..check out Has Google’s Toolbar PageRank Been Shelved?

SEO – A bunch of hogwash…than again that is just my opinion….

Lijit Statistics – is cute and I really like their search feature for thephotographer4you, however, you will not get rich overnight. Trust me! Over a two year period the feature may have generated enough money to pay for one month of hosting. The numbers are a little off but it is a cute gadget nevertheless….love their search buttons for this blog. Easy to setup!

Hostgator – offered the best  real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced statistics about the performance of thephotographer4you blog. As a host provider I personally believe they are the best for any grassroots blog just starting out and waiting to grow into their own cyber presence. 24/7 customer service with a staff that knows more than most folks who claim to be technical webmaster experts. Kudos to Hostgator…best in their class and reasonably priced too!

What does all this mean to you as a reader? Nothing. I had installed Mozilla Firefox and Explorer Alexa Sparky simply to make sure I am visiting a reputable website that caters to an diverse audience. It gives you all  the blog information that you’re surfing on the Internet. I am not impress with the ranking number that the media, Alexa or those other ranking websites brags about but I was quite taken aback by some of the Alexa information on the so call top websites in cyberspace….especially those that cater to one race. YUP! I said it….that to me is an issue. Diversity, diversity and talking to a global audience that represents the real world is extremely important to blog readership and those out of pocket comments make me raise an un-Botox eyebrow. Egg in my face for pushing websites that have an all black, all white, all Hispanic, etc, blogging staff! Websites that allow racial comments directed at any racial group gets a verbal asswipe beat down from me…..hey I didn’t say I was all traditional up in here.

Who are we on Alexa – yeah right….that is what they say. What say you, Dee? I am all over the place with my information. I talk about everything in the news, current events, gossip, opinionated no matter how asinine and simply to lend my single voice. I feel like chiming in and blogging aloud allows me to do just that. I check out other websites on the Internet, critics and wonder who made them the expert on this or that?

thephotographer4you Content – Whatever, I wake up thinking, this  is what I am discussing for the day with my readership. I hope they are getting something from it, enriched, empowered, learning or it makes my readers ponder. I am not endorsing anyone products at this time therefore that gives me the right to talk ish….know what I am saying. If Canon, Epson, Lighting, software, HP, Apple, paper, Neutrogena, Coach, Crest, high blood/chlorestrol medication, Headache, vitamins, mens, children, PMS, clothing, makeup, food, restaurants, events, contest and any mix salt and peppered Grey hair product, etc advertiser come a calling for thephotographer4you to promote their products and samples on this blog. Then of course the advertiser or media sponsor would have my attention and yours too. Especially if we all get to sample it for ourselves. Until then…it is what it is…an opinion based on my own purchases and yours.

Why do I blog? I get bored looking at television and listening to the same old banter. Plus it keeps my mind active…

Who is your audience? Everyone and anyone who wants to chime in and talk shit! Really….otherwise life is boring and my attention span run rampant.

Photography? I post what I like and what I love to see more representation being spotlighted in the media.

What about your photography services? What about it? You can hire me to shoot your event, wedding, funeral, etc. I am for hire with a reasonable price. I am not interest in hearing from anyone who wants to exploit my photography services via the TFCD conversation for exposure…I might as well blog. That is as free as it gets for me.

What is your passion? Life until the good lord calls me home.

Who the heck is thephotographer4you? A women who is a wife, mother, friend, sister, aunt, pet lover of the animals that live in my house, neighbor, blogger and psuedo photographer trying to reinvent herself in a world that has changed since she worked in a Corporate America.

Traditional v. Non-Traditional? Non traditional of course.

Am I salty? Of course because I believe numbers are manipulated…than again that could be me and my cynical self thinking outloud. I watch numbers and I notice that something in the the rankings are not right. I find that some folks jump to the head of the line who may not have been in cyberspace for a month….jump to the front of the line in a matter of a day? Is it because their audience is larger? Is it based on content? I don’t think soo….you can work your ass off and your numbers will not reflect that. I am over it! I am not sure if it is worth giving this conversation any juice because it is a song and dance…..preaching to the choir with no choir. Uh huh! That’s the way it is but it should not stop anyone from starting a blog or blogging. Remember your not in it for the money because if you are…..your ass would be awaken to a reality that would crush you in less than three months. #JUSTSAYING!

Do I care what others think of my blogging style? Not really….cause who told them they were perfect!

Note to advertisers: I would love to represent products, giveaways, samples, contest, speaking events and photography opportunities. I would hope  thephotographer4you is not frown nor excluded from since we have folks who are given multiple opportunities who have had bigger blunders than me. Examples..T.I., Tiger, Lindsay, Britney Spears, and a whole slew of regular folks who blog that represent products on their blog. Am I any less than perfect than those folks…I think not! Everyone has an audience and my audience deserves some advertiser  and sample promotional love!

thephotographer4you cynical voice.: Blogging is not fair and it is not for the meek at heart nor the blogger who expects to get rich overnight.

thephotographer4you optimistic voice.: If you’re out of the workplace blogging helps you to stay abreast of current events, social media tools and communicate with like minded people in the industry you either left or wish to enter. It is the opportunity to reinvent yourself in a social media packed world filled with a cyberspace  of cyber opportunities.

Just when I get bored with blogging I get an email that ask me where the heck is thephotographer4you and what is going on with you? Are you sick? Do you still blog? Is everything OK?  Thanks my peeps for the inspiration and making me realize one reader listening and reading is worth my one voice…love you all!

According to Alexa and a few words sent to them.:

About thephotographer4you (thephotographer4you.com): An diverse online gossip, photography, technology, news, politics and entertainment magazine with a fresh and irreverent tone. In another words…I am critical of what is normally considered mainstream or touted to be the “IT” thing according to those allege experts. Our readership is increasing daily and is comprised of media-savvy professionals and opinion makers. I think those who listen to my quirky tone and off the cuff banter…thanks for visiting thephotographer4you.

Thephotographer4you.com’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 185,838. This site is relatively popular among users in the cities of Baltimore (where it is ranked #486) and Philadelphia (#8,471). The site’s visitors view 14.7 unique pages each day on average. The fraction of visits to Thephotographer4you.com referred by search engines is about 4%. The site is based in the US. I am happy to see folks in Philly and Baltimore showing a sista girl some love….I send you all a cyberlove with a big cyberhug. Please note this is simply thephotographer4you observation over a two year period..

Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®
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