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The Internet street is abuzz about the law that went knocking on ISOHUNT torrent door to shut down operations. The MPAA is the truth and not one to be reckon with…I am sure their pocketbooks are deeper than Fung’s.

The judicial system is not playing with Fung and the courts refuse to hear anymore bullshit, you have wasted enough of the courts time and tax payers dollars with that lame attempt why they should let you operate and provide illegal content: The founder of popular Bit Torrent site IsoHunt, Gary Fung, has been ordered to remove the .torrent files for all infringing content—an order that could result in the site shutting down. US District Judge Stephen Wilson issued the order last week. Yup they are still on the Internet providing illegal content for anyone with an Internet connection. The courts have been hard-balling over the legality of IsoHunt and Fung’s two other sites (Torrentbox and Podtropolis). Judge Wilson’s order follows a summary judgment against the Fung’s torrent websites in December 2009.

Basically he laugh at the court system by not filing an rebuttal: The movie studios had brought in expert witnesses stating that a statistical sampling of the content and server logs showed that nearly all of the content infringed copyrights, and about half of the downloads were made within the US. Fung dismissed this as “junk science” but did not present any sort of evidence showing that this wasn’t a valid approach.

He than attempt to dumbdown and ridicule the judicial system with a lame attempt to convince them he was just another website: Fung previously tried to argue that his sites were just another search engine that just happened to pick up copyrighted content, but the studios countered with evidence that his search code was specifically tuned to find copyrighted material.

Basically Fung better come better before he end up behind those medal doors that only get unlock by a key held by jail personnel: Now, Fung is stuck between a rock and a hard place as he tries to find a way to comply with his injunction without shutting down. Judge Wilson has barred Fung from creating, maintaining or providing access to categories with .torrent files, search results with .torrent files, or any “similar files using or based on Infringement-Related Terms.”

He is simply stalling to find an loophole to keep his torrent website on the Internet because the money is aiiiright: This means that the basic search functionality of IsoHunt, Torrentbox, or Podtropolis would no longer be permissible under the injunction, not to mention that it would be nearly impossible for Fung to actively investigate every single file to see whether it’s legal or not. Fung believes this goes outside of the DMCA and that the MPAA should provide a list of links to files that it wants taken down instead. “We’re discussing the mechanics, the process that is reasonable for an injunction. We’re still trying to hope that the judge will do the right thing,” Fung told Wired.

ARS it is none of your business and who are you to ask us questions? The MPAA did not respond to our request for comment by publication time, so it’s unclear how willing it will be when it comes to working with Fung. Given how well things have gone for Fung so far, though, it doesn’t look very promising.

In another words lets get back to this person because he was bold enough to ask us why we picking on Fung:

Update: A MPAA spokesperson got back to us and said that the court has rejected Fung’s proposal. Looks like he’ll either be picking out all the illegal content or shutting down after all.

Word on the Internet street:

They are still thinking about the ramifications of shutting Fung down and still need to get back to him. Fung will be fighting till the cops come a knocking at his door: Considering the court has not yet pronounced a final verdict regarding the proposal filed by the MPAA, Fung told TorrentFreak that he would do everything he can to prevent the adoption of this measure. Fung believes that by presenting the recently developed ‘lite’ version of isoHunt to the judges, he should be able to convince them of the potential this has in addressing copyright infringement, and should pass on as a solid alternative to a keyword filter.

The lite version of the site is nothing more than a big search box similar to other search engines such as Google. Unlike the present site where users can browse through various torrent categories, the lite version should not induce copyright infringement any more than other search engines, Fung reasons.

Whether or not the court will accept this lite version, it is unlikely that isoHunt will start to actively filter content from the site in the future. The ultimate measure would be to block access to visitors from the United States, which would also be sufficient to comply with the court’s demands.

isoHunt is a Canadian website. 27-year-old Canadian owner Gary Fung until April 12 to work with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) on a means of complying with the court, according to published reports. A proposed injunction would force Isohunt to install a filter that would remove torrents containing a list of banned keywords provided by the MPAA.

He is absolutely baffled and don’t know what to do because shit just got real serious and could land his ass in jail: “We’re discussing the mechanics, the process that is reasonable for an injunction,” Fung told, adding that keyword search filtering could inadvertently target non-infringing works.

You can always continue to get your torrents from another website…..h33t . At least until the law go knocking at their torrent door.

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